Kingdom Hearts III could be for Wii 2

At, a rumour has begun to brew suggesting that Kingdom Hearts III will be seen on the Wii’s successor. Originally, it was thought to be in development for the Wii, but apparently, newer comments mention that the game will run in high definition, suddenly making a Wii 2 project that much more palatable.

Kingdom Hearts

This rumour comes from a recent interview with Tetsuya Nomura, the producer of the Kingdom Hearts games. As translates,

There could be some deeper meaning to the “3” in the title. In addition to indicating the use of 3D visual output, the game will be connected to Kingdom Hearts III both in terms of gameplay systems and story. It’s possible that the ending of 3D will lead into the story of KHIII.

Kingdom Hearts 3D is currently in development for the Nintendo 3DS, and Square has supposedly completed all the groundwork for it, and is now focusing on building up the game itself. You can read more about it here, at our friend Adam’s site.

The series has traditionally been kept to the Sony platforms, with both Kingdom Hearts I & II being PlayStation 2 exclusives. Some installments have ventured into GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS, and cell phone territory before; but for the main series, Square Enix has always stuck with the Japanese consumer electronics giant. That’s plenty of reason to believe the rumour’s false, and that Kingdom Hearts III will turn out to be a PlayStation 3 game, as most fans currently expect; but third-party developers are free to choose which platform will allow them to express their vision best. If the Wii’s successor offers Square Enix greater possibilities, developing for it would only ensure that the final game is better than it ever would’ve been on a current-gen platform.

Source: Kingdom Hearts 3D Connects to Kingdom Hearts III (via)

Image: high-resolution download link

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. wiiboy101

    just maybe and very mouth watering thought…

    something just popped into my head just how long will it be for 3DS user-base to beat all 3D tv sets combined from every maker,i dont think it will be long at all,and glasses free tv hits japan very soon 3DS could help make people want a 3D wii 2 and a tv when people see it….

    3D cod on ps3 is a 20frames a second glitchy mess lol with massive colour drain and tearing lol

    • F0

      Eh, those TV’s already exist, and are already in use in some commercial applications. My friend told me about his mind-blowing experience with one at a big store or something down in Seattle.

      The 3DS will most likely become far more popular than the TV’s, though, at least until they figure out how to make them cheaper. If the Wii 2 is given sufficient time until its release, it may just end up supporting 3D, and its release may coincide with the maturation of the glassesless 3D TV market. It may, effectively, sell the new technology, just like PS2 did with DVD’s.

  2. ifx jfjfj

    i would kill myself if that happened fuck that

    • F0

      I’m not the one who’s trying to start the rumour of a Wii 2 KH III. But as there is very little information coming out about the Wii 2 or any of its games, reporting on such rumours can sometimes be quite fun, even if they’re not ultimately true.

  3. Dan

    I understand this is a wii blog but there is nothing to state the series is coming to the Wii. So far all the side stories have been done on Nintendo systems with the main entries on Sony’s system. And if it did come to Wii2 depending on the horse-power and methods of controlling who could not rule out a move port?

    • F0

      It’s a blog dedicated to the Wii’s successor, actually. There are lots of good sites out there already that cover the Wii, and I’m not trying to compete with them. I wrote about this after I saw suggest the possibility of Square bringing the franchise to the Wii 2; credit for the rumour goes to them, not me. Since there isn’t much else happening with Wii 2 news right now, I’ll mostly be gathering all the Wii 2 rumours from around the ‘Net in one spot.

      It’s possible that KHIII may end up supporting two platforms, the way you mention it. But if it does, I think it’s more likely that the Move version will come first, with a Wii 2 port following it. Of course, it all depends very much on what exactly the Wii 2 even is; for all we know, it may be something truly unique that requires developments all its own.

  4. HI FELD0!

    • F0

      Hey Kurtiss! Looks like you’ve stumbled upon one of several of my sites! 😀

  5. wiiboy101

    i know they exist but there poor, you have to be in a direct viewing area thats very small and they cost a fortune, ,toshiba and sharp and hitachi are working on much better for the home market 3d tvs no glasses, toshiba release theres end 2010,i think with glasses 3d tvs will easily be out sold by 3DS alone 3D tv has flopped here in the uk retailers getting desperate as there not selling,when no glasses 3D takes of its another story

  6. matt

    no glasses HD/3D is here in the UK in Q4 2011/Q1 2012 and wii2 will land in Q1 2012 with E32011 being where they show it off ect DS paved the way 4 Wii im sure 3DS will do the same 4 Wii2 and with rumours stating KH3 will follow KH3D 3DS it makes sense to stick with Nintendo i think as KH3D will sell millions and to keep that trend there is no better way than releasing on new Hardware ect

  7. matt

    Also if 3DS or should i say when 3DS takes world by storm devs/pubs with release games will benifit huge and want to continue that trend on Wii2/3DS/Wii yes i think wii will get some of these 3DS games maybe RE Mercenries 3DS will be on Wii aswell as Revelations is there big 1 in the main series that will be 3DS only as RE6 may well be a sequel to Revelations and debut on Wii2 either that or Revelations is the main series 4 Handhelds ect either way the Wii has so many great games to last untill Wii2 it will come soon enough i only buy games that will look good upscaled on my Wii2

  8. Tori

    Assuming this is true, what, do you think, are the possibilities that Kingdom Hearts I and II will be rereleased for the Wii, 3DS, or Wii2?

  9. Beol

    TN: Yes, it might be possible. It is my desire to develop the next Kingdom Hearts on the existing platform, but the problem with a new console is that it has new technical requirements, new technical limitations, so we need time to make new research for that new title. The development team for Kingdom Hearts is currently leading technical research for concerning the high-definition graphics right now. So, yes, I’m wiling to create something on the existing console because when we aim for another non-existing future console, the release of the title will be far in the future. That’s my concern.