Luigi’s Mansion is coming to the Wii U?

Could our favourite ‘green hatted’ plumber be coming to the Wii U? The retailer has suggested so by listing Luigi’s Mansion 2 for the Wii U. However, there is also the possibility that the entry of the title is just a placeholder or a mistake.

It doesn’t seem too far-fetched to expect a Luigi’s Mansion game on the Wii U at sometime, seeing as the 3DS will be receiving some Luigi love soon. Whether the listed title represents a placeholder or an actual game in development is something only time will tell.

Would you like to see Luigi’s Mansion on the Wii U?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Hermii

    Its a mistake I guarantee it. Luigis Mansion 2 is for the 3ds.

  2. Co-Wink-Key-Dink inc

    Maybe a luigi’s mansion remake!! The “Game Boy Horror” could bee at the bottom screen

  3. Zario777

    I would love for it to be on both. I’d most likely get the Wii U version however

  4. Hylianhero64

    I guess Nintendo might be pushing console-handheld connectivity? This could be, like, testing the waters for when the new Smash Bros. gets released, or something. Four Swords Adventure (for Gamecube) had some really entertaining multiplayer. Though I dunno how they could implement multiplayer to Luigi’s Mansion…

  5. Captainhowdy

    I hope so. I don’t like handhelds, so I was bummed the 3DS will get it.

  6. kallum

    I would of though it would, be able to do stuff on 3ds and
    wii U and connect them together XD may as well make the most of the games and make more possibilities cause some1 will have one and want the other console