Mass Effect 3 headed to ‘Next Gen’ console – could it be the Wii U?

Mass Effect 3 Wii U

The above listing has popped up on EA’s press site for Mass Effect 3 on a ‘Next Gen’ platform, in addition to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC versions. It seems only logical that this mystery platform is the Wii U, seeing as there aren’t any other next-generation consoles we know about coming next year. What’s more, Frank Gibeau said earlier this year that Mass Effect and the Wii U are a “nice fit” for each other.

At this point, the game’s coming to the Wii U is still a rumour, but it’s a well-supported one that seems quite realistic. Let’s hope it’s true.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. hawthorneluke

    The only other one I can think of is the vita.

    To be honest, just thinking of how things have been lately, I have a feeling it may be for the vita, but it not, then indeed the only one left is the Wii u, and it’d be great if it did come over here! I just wonder if it did, what would happen with the first two games? Ported over in some special pack or something maybe?

    • hawthorneluke

      “I can’t say we are going to do it on the Wii U, but you can imagine what we could do with that controller in the Mass Effect universe. It feels like a really nice fit, but we’ll announce that when the time is right.”

      Then again, it may really be headed for the Wii u after all!

  2. zxride64

    I think it is more likely for it to be the Wii U because they do not have to worry about downgrading graphics which causes developers to put in more time and effort into the games. One of the things that could make a Vita version sound possibly is the fact that the Vita could make use of the save data of ME2. If it come outs for Wii U I may get it depending on how much money I have. But if money wasn’t a factor I would just need this game, FF XIII-2, FF Versus XIII and Dragon Quest X to feel me up on the RPG console side of things. (and Skyrim)

  3. Johnny

    My only question is what is the street date? It say 9/3/2012, but wasn’t ME3 already announced officially for 3/6/2012?

    • zxride64

      That is the thing since it says next-gen system, it will be after the release of a new system. Since the Wii U hasn’t have an officially release yet, they can’t say when it will be out.

  4. crackkat

    EA said they made a commitment to bring their key franchises to wii u 🙂 so this must be for wii u right? 😀 im waiting for wii u then buying this game on it to show EA that its not a bad decision

  5. Johnny_92

    Well if the date is American then it’s September but if it’s English then it’s March, in the latter case I’m guessing that the Wii U won’t be out. As stated before me the only consoles it could be is Vita or Wii U because as far as the public and developers know there are currently no other next gen consoles in production. It makes more sense for it being Wii U because for Vita it would need downgrading a lot whereas with the Wii U it could either be ported or upgraded both using less money and less effort.

  6. GuySmiley

    I’m just happy to hear the many different 3rd party companies come forward and express their excitement for the Wii U. This is a very good sign.

  7. Looks like not. The original source is now reporting that EA have claimed “Next Gen” refers only to the Xbox 360 and PS3: