Miiverse available in games

Remember the Miiverse, the messaging system for the Wii U? You can use it in games as well. It’s unclear how this will affect gameplay, but this may be related to the new Nintendo Network for the Wii U as well. Point is, you can message other friends and players in the midst of a game, so that is definitely something to be interested in.

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  1. Co-Wink-Key-Dink inc

    I wanna see the settings!!lol

  2. Super Rock

    This is awesome!!!

  3. alex


  4. Alianjaro


    • Yes! Yes it is! 😀

  5. nintendo for life

    oooooh i want this so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. NXT88

    Wow! I’m going to look forward to getting the Wii U! 🙂