Miyamoto: “Small but important projects coming to Wii U”

A recent interview with Miyamoto sheds some light on near-future projects for the Wii U, who believes that the new features of the device are not “readily replicated by another device ” which means Nintendo is expected to have the upper leg on the competition in this generation of gaming. It is also rumored and highly expected Nintendo will give new information about a new Super Mario for the Wii U at E3, though nothing is confirmed.

Miyamoto continued,

I’m working on several projects but I think I can not speak for all [laughs]. Some are small but important projects for Wii U. Also a new Pikmin, which will use high-resolution images of the console…

While this doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be getting any big name Nintendo franchises on the system right away, it does show that both Nintendo and Miyamoto are ready to show off some different aspects and power of the console with these coming projects.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Co-Wink-Key-Dink inc.

    How come there not thinking about ANIMAL CROSSING yet?

  2. Alianjaro

    Wow good new (especially Pikmin).
    But honestly cmon, stop saying it will be better than current gens, WE KNOW THAT. Wii U is next gen, so compare it with next gens.

  3. RoboBus

    Good job picking up on that little comment Sepharos.
    I completely missed that part, walls of Spanish text kind of made me say “No. :|” in a Mexican Family Guy Character’s voice.