Miyamoto was less involved in Wii U development

While speaking to the French website écrans Shigeru Miyamoto explained that he was less involved in the development of the Wii U than he was with Nintendo’s two previous consoles.

He was directly involved in the development of the Wii and GameCube systems but this time around he took a more advisory role.

“For the GameCube and Wii I was really deeply involved from the start and the design of the structure and development processes… for the [Wii U], I would say it represents the beginning of a transition with younger generations of Nintendo engineers who have been more involved in the development of the project. I am still very present and engaged myself, but less directly. It’s like I stepped aside: I followed step by step work and gave them advice.”

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. SparktehFox

    So it seems that the wise on is ready to pass on the reigns… hopefully his chosen disciple will be one to follow the true path of the Jedi, and will not be swayed by the temptations of the darkside!

  2. Jmaster720

    of course he wasn’t look at the name of the thing my god!!!!