More Metro: Last Light footage

THQ have now released the prologue and part one of the gameplay trailer that was shown at E3. There are two more parts to go with the second part being released on the 28th of July.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. dracule

    boring coridore shooter with better graphics il pass but its a fps soooooo on wiiu support the wii remote plus i aint aiming with a plastic stick thats a step back in time
    wii remote plus developers not plastic stick

  2. nintendo3DS

    Is this Wii U gameplay fooatage?

    • Ruthie

      No, unfortunately there isn’t any at the moment. Nintendo wouldn’t let third parties show their game running on the Wii U at E3. Makes me want to see the Wii U footage even more 🙂

  3. Good news and bad news

    I’m liking the look of this, dark corridors, big guns, what’s not to like?