More proof that the Wii 2 will have a camera

Will one of these be on the Wii 2's controller? Maybe.

We recently ran a story discussing rumours that the Wii 2’s controller might have a front-facing camera. Now we have more information that seems to add a little more weight to those rumours.

In a quarterly results call, the company OmniVision hinted that they were getting ready to ship their 8-megapixel camera for use in a smartphone, possibly the Apple’s iPhone. The most interesting thing was that they hinted that they were also getting ready to supply cameras to a gaming console.

The console wasn’t named but it is unlikely to be for a Microsoft console because the next generation Xbox hasn’t even been announced, and OmniVision let it slip that it was for a console that would be ready in the next several months.

That pretty much leaves the NGP and the Wii 2. The NGP is definitely a possibility but then again Sony would probably use their own cameras. This leaves only the Wii 2.

A camera on the controller is definitely an exciting idea. What are your thoughts about having a camera on the controller? Brilliant idea or just a gimmick? Feel free to share your thoughts in the forums or comment below.

Thank you, prizzaparty, for sending this in.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. zxride64

    Interesting find Ruthie, i can’t say what i think. I want to see how developers use it if it does happen,

  2. SteveDOF

    Apart from head-tracking, which might be limited to creating 3D effects, I can’t think of a convincing reason to have the camera on the front, facing the player, rather than the back, to be used for taking photos and with augmented reality games.

    Would this console really be powerful enough to stream video from upto four handsets as well as to them?

    Maybe it’s part of some kind of gesture tracking control?

    I’m sure Nintendo will surprise us one way or another…

    • F0

      You’d be surprised at how many things you could actually use a front-facing camera for. Here’s a list a few users started putting together on the forums:

      Now, let’s not forget that the Wii was the one and only time Nintendo made an underpowered console. If they want to make one that packs enough grunt to power 4 touchscreens + a 1080p TV, they will. After the cash cows that the DS and Wii were, I’m sure they’ve got more than enough money to fund the R&D for it.

  3. Xrayz Reactionz

    Maybe for the online experience instead of headset you use the camera to communicate…..may like a screen top right corner with you friends faces or maybe just voice….just my opinion

  4. This is awsome!! Only problem I see is grumpy people giving the finger to everyone..

  5. George Tirebiter

    Could they be counting the EVO 2 as a console?

    I know we really don’t, but it’s a possibility.

    • F0

      I highly, highly doubt they’re talking about the EVO 2 (never even heard of the thing before), but nice find. You never know. 😛

  6. SteveDOF

    I’m not saying Nintendo wont pull it off, but if this camera is collecting video, wont that use a lot of processing power? Facial recognition, head tracking and still photo’s seem more likely, but live two way video streaming – sending the players image one way and game data the other, would be asking a lot.

  7. This is actually my favourite rumour. I can’t wait to see how they are going to implement this into gameplay, facial recognition, video chat, the possibilities are endless. Which actually reminds me, I’ve thought of a new idea of how the Wii 2’s controller can use its camera…