Multiple Wii U controllers is theoretically possible.

Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo has re-confirmed that it is possible for multiple Wii U controllers to be used at one time. While speaking to Japanese gaming magazine, Diamond Online. he said that it is possible to use the Wii U with multiple controllers.

It’s good to know that on the technical side of things the Wii U is capable of handling more than one controller but whether this is a practical option is another question.

Iwata also mentioned that Nintendo were not focusing on this option too much because it would be of a considerable cost to the customer to fork out for more controllers. They are instead going to focus on multiplayer games that use one Wii U controller while the other players use Wii controllers.

This seems to be a sensible plan as I’m not sure many people would like to spend lots of money on another controller, would you?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. George Tirebiter

    With the possibility, though, they should still encourage people to go over to their friend’s house with their controller to do multiplayer. They’re already encouraging people to go outside for StreetPass, so why not appeal to the same audience?

    When there’s a party happening, it could be predetermined who brings the 3 other controllers. There’s plenty of possibilities when it comes to using that ability in the system.

    This is a problem for families who would want more than one, but again they have to be cost effective for the company and consumers. The use of Wii controllers with it is a great solution to that.

  2. wiiu f☆☆k mii

    4x 480p streams supported in hardware and 5 controllers max when mixing them ,nintendo said something about capping it at 2x wiiu pads…

  3. Daimyo Nintendo

    As with all consoles (except PS3, I have 4 controllers not 6,) I will always buy multiple controllers. If Wii U could handle 4 tablets, I would hands down buy a second at launch. Just like I did with Wii, NGC, N64, etc.

    But with this tablet and its possible price, I agree with the methodology, for the time being.

  4. cm93

    this is what makes me wonder what will happen with future multiplayer games like Smash Bros….