Naughty Dog: There’s nothing the Wii U has that the PS3 and Vita don’t

Justin is impressed but not that impressed

Uncharted developer, Justin Richmond has shared his thoughts on the Wii U in an interview with NowGamer. Though he admitted his interest in Nintendo’s newest home console he said that there was nothing the Wii U had that the PS3 and the Vita didn’t.

“To be honest with you, the idea of it is very, very cool. But there’s nothing that the Wii U has that the Vita and PS3 doesn’t,” Richmond told NowGamer. “You know, it’s an interesting piece of technology, and I’m interested to see how people use it.”

Sony are looking into allowing players to play games on their PSVita and then continue to play games on the television using the PlayStation 3.

Richmond also shared a few more opinions on the Wii U. “I’m not completely sold yet. That the screen isn’t multi-touch, that’s a little weird,” he added. “It seems there are some very strange holes in it, but to be fair, last time I was sceptical of the original Wii, and look at how that did. I’m sure that the games they make for Wii U will be amazing.”

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Giggity3000

    Prices at minimum:
    Ps Vita = 249.99
    Ps3 = 299.99
    Total = 549.98
    Price for Wii U at Maximum = 399.99

    Features Wii U has that PsVita x Ps3 don’t have:
    1080p, all games on controller, and larger disc space.
    Also you have to take in some market Facts: Since not everyone will have Ps vita and Ps3 then a chunk of the market is gone, which means developing games that require both is not a good business tactic. Everyone who owns a Wii U will have both which = more games and developers. It’s also cheaper and stronger.

  2. Jmaster720

    Naughty dog has been hanging around sony too much -_-‘ and I knew sony was going to instantly copy the wii U’s Idea of streaming it to console and controller those douche bag copiers. oh yeah and the wii U is’nt even out yet how can he say what the wii U has and ps3 does not already how naive! IDIOT

    • The One Who Wrote This

      Exactly!! Guys like those two just tick me off!! I guess Naughty Dog inhaled to much of Sony’s gas!

  3. Requiem

    At the first poster: wii u doesn’t have more disc space actually, its equal to the ps3; 25gb(50gb on a dual layer disc) and although its possible for all games to be played entirely on the controller, that’s up to the developers to make that feature in their games

    I hate how sony ALWAYS copies Nintendo and yet their fans still think they’re better than Nintendo. Heck, even their first console(PlayStation) was originally supposed to be a Nintendo console so without Nintendo, sony probably wouldn’t even be in the gaming industry.

    As for the whole wii u versus ps3 debate, here’s my answer: I’ll be selling my ps3 the day I get my wii u. Friggin ps3 is the only system I ever regretted buying.

    • The One Who Wrote This

      Good point (about the disk size).

      I hate that too!!

      Great response!!

  4. zxride64

    At least they say they like it and didn’t bash it like Tretton. From what has been seen so far ps3 and vita may be able to do the things the wii u could do. But, it is limited as the ps3 and vita is sold alone each with its own price. The wii u and its controller are in one package for one price. This means that not all people who has or will buy a ps3 will buy vita and people who buy vita will buy ps3. Also, info on the wii u is very small as of right now.

  5. lemon

    Yes. Yes it does. Do you know what it has that the PS3 and Vita don’t? If you /really/ need to ask, you either didn’t see E3 or you are mentally retarded *cough controller cough*. Now, of course, there is the factor of “That’s not such a big deal”, but tell me what the PS3 has that the Wii U doesn’t?

  6. Sparkymoreno

    Very valid points fellas. Especially from Requiem. I remember when the N64 came out and the PS fannys complained about the joystick. “Me likey control pad!” now They use the dual analogs on everything now. Then the rumble pak… Now they think the wiimote is stupid but they run and buy a PS move. It’s baffling and ironic b/c its been the same pattern for many gaming generations. Nintendo innovates and they sit still, other companies copy, they run and buy. I don’t know why someone would buy a PSmove with the wii being a console almost equally priced while is the Move is a just peripherial. Why would you go buy it to play motion-based games while there is already a fully-capable console that was BUILT to make motion games with a library 50x larger with quality 10x better? That’s like me buying a $50,000 flying car and then you go buy a pair of giant plane wings and then strap it on your car for the same price…….just so it can crash and burn……
    On another note
    Some of these developers are total TOOLS. Example : Ken Levine – “Dual Shock is Hardcore! Me no likey motion controls” ***3 months later** Ken Levine – ” The PSmove is cool guys…it will be in Bioshock infinite now” :/

  7. Blade

    Let them keep on sucking up to Sony, we don’t need them.

  8. hawthorneluke

    Yes because all those PS3 + PSP games went down really well. As did those GC + GBA games.

    And of course a system designed to be its own thing, not specifically designed to be a controller for the system it links with is going to be just as good.

    And of course such tiny things as multitouch are such big strange, big problems. Especially when having… what? The ability to zoom in on something with two finger pinches? On the screen instead of pressing one of the many buttons is such an important feature to have that you’d need to increase the whole price of the controller and possibly decrease the accuracy of the touch screen (because of advantages of resistive over capacitive or vice versa or whatever), which is obviously far less important than actual accuracy, unless you increase the price even more to compensate?


    Are sony really going to try to compete with what the wii u offers by trying the already failed PS3 + PSV connectivity (already failed when there are quite a few games that already have PS3 + PSP connectivity yet we don’t see any of them getting anywhere) and already failed GC + GBA connectivity like schemes?

  9. jesus


    one is a handheld the other a IN BOX controller!

  10. Biohazard

    The Wii U directly streams games into the controller. How can the PS3/Vita even compare when both of them are autonomous platforms and function differently. You may be able to “tranfar” Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker from each other, but can you play them at the same time? Also can the PS Move interact with the Vita? I highly doubt Sony has any sort of unified and consistent design. As some of you have pointed out, it will have the same connectivity as the GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

  11. Oldergamer

    I kept saying the 3rd party’s wouldn’t get it. They didn’t get it, despite being the professionals at the reveal at E3 and they still don’t get it, and it’s a good chance they’ll never get it, even when others who HAVE got it, and develop it, show it to them.

    Tunnel vision.

    It IS interesting to see which developers share Sony’s, executive level’s highly developed sense of elitist doucebaggery though.

  12. Adam

    I hoping that Wii U will be like the wii where it NEVER breaks down compare to the PS3. My friend had to buy to a year cuz his first one overheated and went to the world of unicorns and rainbows.. And my wii has yet to break down.. Sony is always copying nintendo, i wish nintendo sues them for the idea of stream games to your controller.

  13. Adam

    Also Wii U has more power so their carptastic game would looks less carptastic when it lags.

  14. Art

    Mmmmm…. This idiot don’t think about the required stream of data between PSVita and the PS3 to work at the same as Wii U.

    Nintendo console again is mainly based on the remote control.

  15. Good news and bad news

    Good puppy!

    The Wii U and handset are a dedicated unit, devs do not have to worry that a lot of gamers might not have or want both, so from a developers point of view that must be a big plus.

  16. Actually, this guy’s wrong. He probably hasn’t dealt with the Wii U firsthand or has done his homework on Wii U (like so many of these developers, surprisingly), so he’s not aware of the latency of the Wii U controller. The PS3 and Vita CANNOT do what the Wii U does because the Vita is not designed to handle the same kind of latency with PS3 that the Wii U controller is designed to handle, and PS3 was not designed to support Vita just like a Wii U controller. The PS3 and Vita could not pull off something list that Ghost Recon trailer we saw for Wii U–not seamlessly, anyways.

    For what Wii U does best, you need a Wii U controller (or a clone, which Sony will inevitably create). I could use the controller as a second screen while using online video chat, quickly check my scores online with the browser, and then take the entire game onto the controller at the drop of a hat, and the whole experience would be smooth. You can’t do this with PS3 and Vita that same seamless way–they simply weren’t designed to work that way. They’re more like the GameCube/Game Boy Advance connection than a Wii U controller.

    And as some of you have already said, you have to BUY the Vita first before you can use it like a Wii U controller–not every PS3 owner wants a Vita. EVERY Wii U owner will already have the Wii U controller, and for about $350 (most likely price).

    • Correction: “And as some of you MIGHT have already said…”

      I wrote this before I really read the comments, but maybe I should’ve! You guys already made the points I made! 😛