New screenshots of ZombiU

We’ve got some new screenshots of ZombiU, which I’ve uploaded after the break.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. John

    Looks interesting but not enough to entice me in to buying a Wii U at launch. The graphics are definately current gen on par with xbox 360 and ps3 which is unfortunate when you consider that these consoles are 7 year old tech. I really wanted to be excited about Wii U but based on what I have seen so far I’m not.

    • Lene

      So you are judging the system with low res pix and a video shown in real time on the internet.


    • John

      Yes I am, at the moment that is all I have to go on. Screens and video from xbox 360 and ps3 are also at the same resolution and also real time video so this is the only comparison. Is that Okaaaaaaay… with you?


      So you’re comparing a “1st Gen” Wii U game with what is possibly “last Gen” PS3/XBOX games that took more than 5 years to achieve said visuals? =_=

    • jeb

      it’s sad, because it’s very unfortunate for customers like you who need to see the real potential graphic capability; is that the only way you can judge whether to buy a console? Nintendo haven’t shown the graphical prowess of the machine. And they probably won’t, because they’re not interested in showing that. Technologically speaking the graphics are going to be way better. But Nintendo want you to play great games, not just picturesque one.

    • John

      Yes I am. These consoles are based on 7 year old tech as I said, even though as you say these are 1st gen games, developers would still have to go out of their way to make something not look better than current systems if the tech in the Wii U was even remotely better. Maybe it is early days to be discussing graphics but for me personally the system in general has not excited me after everything that has been shown at E3 so far. I was more excited about the system before E3. I am not bashing Nintendo I have grown up with them and owned every system since NES. I just feel that they are far too focused on “Together Better” and family gaming to get me interested.

  2. nintendo for life

    lol if ur a true nintendo fan u will buy at launch

    wii u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 54321 OWNED

    looks like wiiboy101 was right 3 broadway 2 cores judging by the rumored specs at gonintendo

    3cores and a 3MB level 2 catch with 2 cores 512k each and 1 with 1mb MOST LIKELY MADE UP OF IBM EDRAM 1mb catch for 1 core is BURST PROCESSING very powerful single core gpu said to have 32mb IBM EDRAM we shall see

    • 1to10

      2mb level 2 catch not 1mb for that single core BURST PROCESSING /TURBO CATCH MODE clearly designed as a console not a pc

  4. Alkaia

    I heard gameplay is totally survivor type. Looks interesting enough. Still looking forward.