Tekken Wii Successor screenshots and video interview

This isn’t exactly the most recent piece of news – in fact, it’s all the way back from E3 – but as it was on Nintendo’s Japanese E3 site, there’s a good chance that many of you missed it (I know I did). What we’ve got is a brief interview with Katsuhiro Harada about Tekken Wii Successor, one of the only Wii U-exclusive games we know about at this point.

Meaning, what follows is some of the precious little genuine Wii U game footage in existence. Hit the break for the video and some screen grabs!

Anyone understand Japanese? If you do, it would be appreciated if you could try and decipher for us what is being said.

Special thanks to Hero of Legend for sending the video and the screenshots in!

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Probably made to extremely vague target specs…

    Namco Bandai does this with every console: release a no risk title for launch… Let’s hope they deliver later on.

  2. Daimyo Nintendo

    Random news, Wii redesign announced at games con, no more gamecube compats.

  3. DrkBender

    They also had it on the e3 site of Nintendo: e3.nintendo.com

    There they have English subtitles. Just look in Wii U – Video Gallery

    • Hero of Legend

      I did, the video doesn’t work bizarrely.

      BTW to commenters, have a look at my 1080p version:

    • F0

      That’s a developer reel there. It doesn’t have any footage of Tekken.

  4. Needs more ponies.

  5. Screens are looking okay, nothing amazing though. But hey, graphics don’t make a game, right!

  6. Captainhowdy

    This game looks the same from the PS3 version. I’m hoping they up the graphics up.

    I’m a huge Tekken fan and I don’t know if I’ll get this yet. Mostly because it’s based off the Tekken 6 engine, the gameplay wasn’t the best.