New Wii U info is coming at 3:00 PM PDT today

Nintendo Direct Pre-E3 Email

Nintendo sent out an email to let the world (or in this case, their Club Nintendo members) know that Iwata will reveal brand new, pre-E3 Wii U news at 3:00 PM PDT today (to see what time that is in your timezone, click here). The announcement will be broadcast in the form of a Nintendo Direct episode, which will be streamed right here. We’ll be here at Wii U Go to cover everything Wii U-related that comes out of it, of course.

It’s about time Nintendo themselves threw us a bone, eh?

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  1. Yes! I will wait impatiently for this to come. I wonder what they’ll reveal, but that makes it all the more worth it.

  2. Dh00mGuard

    Exceptionally exciting. Thanks for the excellent coverage!