Nicalis becomes a licensed Wii U developer

Quote from Cave Story

Nicalis, best known for their indie hit Cave Story, are now a licensed Wii U developer, if their homepage is anything to go by. We have no idea what they’ve got in mind for the system, but they most likely wouldn’t go to the trouble of acquiring a Wii U license if they didn’t have any plans for it. So, there’s a company to keep on your radar. Let’s hope we hear more from them soon.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Guest

    That’s what it’s gonna be:
    “Cave Story HD! Yet another port/remake of the indie game hit by Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya! Now you can take videos of your face during every “Game Over” screen and upload the video to Facebook! Note: Only buy this game if you don’t care about your Wii U controller being… “annihilated” or if you have other means of letting your anger out.”

    —This was written with my crappy 3DS browser—

    • It’s funny because I can see it happening. Hopefully it’s not the case though. *Prays*

  2. lemon

    Nicalis did not make Cave Story. They made the ports of it for the Wii and the DSi, but the original PC version was made by Pixel Studios (actually just one guy).