Nicalis talks about comments regarding Wii U power

Prinny Nicalis

Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis recently made statements of the Wii U being ‘Nintendo’s most powerful console’, and that it could ‘last five to ten years’.  This was mistaken as a possibly negative comment, but Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid got more details after contacting Tyrone.

Sadly, the original quote was taken a bit out of context. Here’s exactly what I meant: for what we need, and maybe for other developers, the Wii U’s [capabilities] are more than sufficient for five to ten years. We’re not making AAA games or using a crazy insane 3D engine, but the Wii U can definitely do both. With that said, for what we are doing, we could work on the Wii U easily for another five years without making it break a sweat. We don’t do massive productions.

This is still fairly ambiguous, but at least we know for now that it isn’t overly negative.  Hopefully more news regarding the Wii U’s official power will be released by Nintendo when they show it off at E3 this year.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Deuce

    They’re basically saying they made a mistake giving out their knowledge of the Wii U’s power so early :).

  2. Wii U Dragon

    What’s so bad about lasting 5 to 10 years :/

  3. Hylianhero64

    Every day, I fantasize how great a third person shooter would be with the insane variety of weapons from Cave Story… In Call of Duty, it’s like, “that one machine gun” or “that other machine that sucks slightly less”. And if they released Cave Story online, people would be able to develop much more diverse strategies. So, instead of someone swapping out some smg for a newly-unlocked one, maybe the starting weapons would have some sort of advantage over the other unlockable ones.