Nintendo E3 Update: The name is revealed… and the controller

This is the controller we've been discussing for months

Nintendo’s press conference has started and we finally know what the Wii 2 will be called. And that is… the Wii U! Not the Stream or the feel or the cafe but the Nintendo Wii U.

Reggie’s justification for the name was the fact that it is a system tailored made for one person in particular. You.

The Wii U’s new controller has also been shown and it does indeed have a 6.2 inch screen. The Wii U’s controller will allow you to carry on playing games on it when the TV is being used for something else.

The device will have twin 3D pads, D-pad, two shoulder buttons, twin triggers, microphones, accelerometer, camera, speaker and gyroscope. The controller can also be used to web browse,  to find images to share on the big screen, or Web chat.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. wiiboyU

    graphics WAY above ps3 and a level of controller support that ms and Sony could never ever think up HOW CAN ANYONE TAKE MS OR SONY SERIOUSLY AND FAN THEM

    im sorry but to even suggest ms or sony as gaming compans is blind fanboy nonsense

    son and ms are a joke point at there fans and giggle

  2. SteveDOF


    The controller has everything except the “haptic” texture thingy, even two way video chat. Shame there were no playable games on show, but the demos, showed a lot of possibilities and the third party devs were wetting themselves over this machine.

    Wii U!

  3. Arnar

    No GTAV. No Pikmin 3. No Endless Ocean 3.

    So I guess that chick can unplug her internet?

    Honestly, I was underwhelmed for the most part of this conference. When the controller was shown I was “well, that’s basically what we were told it was but… what the F?” and then they show what looked like Wii looking demos or something and I sank in my seat and was about to hide in embarrasment.

    They kept showing more, yet raising even more questions… Was it a new console and a new controller, or just a new controller for the Wii, and the controller being called Wii U? Then that bird video came on, and at first I was like… “ok, new console… is that all it can do?” Then the tree came alive and the video got better. Way better.

    Third party games shown looked great, but the stream I was watching had some jaggies and blurs so I can’t comment on the graphical capabilities, but it looked on par with PS3/360 at least. Great to see all these 3rd party games, though they are ports… But I wanted more 1st party showing, like Mario, Metroid, Pikmin, Smash Bros. SOMETHING!

    They didn’t even show the console itself, other than as a small block under the TV. Looked like a smother, slightly bigger Wii.

    I’m mixed. I was honestly expecting they’d show more, compared to the rumblings leading up to this event.

  4. knux03

    ok ok ok but if has all this and they constantly console not remote there has to be something in the wii version to make that quality possible

    WIIu hmmm no , smash bros 3ds an wii AWESOME and the zelda demo vs the spider could this be a new zelda

  5. Tyler T

    Anyone know if you can connect connect multiple tablet controllers to a single console? I think this would be great if friends can bring over their own controllers and we each have our own screen for some FPS.

  6. :P

    just controller? wat happen to playable console?

  7. SteveDOF

    Hmm…looking at the video and write ups. they all seem to mention one new controller -plus Wiimotes. Is the Wii U only able to utilise one of the new controllers at a time?’s discription says; “Each Wii U console will be partnered with a new controller and can also use up to four additional Wii Remote or Wii Remote Plus controllers.”

  8. Will

    they had ant and dec advertise the wii and for the wii u they should have the chuckle brothers just imagine them saying on the advert To me, wii u

  9. wiiu?... hell yeah i will !!!

    imagine the COD and bad company type fps game control options wii controls are part of this its CO-compatibility not backward compatibility total interaction between all wiiu and wii controls..

    fps controls…..

    classic /classic plus screen/classic with stylus CORE mouse like and screen/wii remote and nunchuck/wii remote and nunchuck and pad screen as info or web link screen /zapper/zapper and screen

    endless possibility’s

    pity no haptic feedback confirmed still core games with eather wii remote oe tochscreen camera and aim and motion interaction will be amassing

  10. Liemlight788

    That is the worst name I’ve ever seen for a console. I’d rather had Wii 2 then this.

    That said, the console doesn’t look bad, but it needs more first-party games and I hope to god it’s better then the PS3.