Nintendo Life in the know about Wii 2, more details expected on April 26th

Nintendo Life has been teasing the Wii 2 on their Twitter account for the past few hours. It began after they posted the following cryptic message, which many of their readers replied to in an attempt to lemon-squeeze more details out of them:

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After awkwardly explaining that they cannot confirm nor deny that Project Café exists, they left off another message warning people to have their salt about them as they looked up Wii 2 info online.

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In reply to some reader tweets, Nintendo Life also appeared to deny the existence of a touchscreen on the controller, saying that it makes no sense to “add the expense of a handheld console to a home console.” However, note that they are probably on a strict “release nothing” order from whatever source it was that showed them the Wii 2.

The part about possibly hearing more details next week is probably referring to Nintendo’s quarterly investors’ meeting, which I understand is due to happen on April 25th, Japan time (which equates to April 26th for much of the rest of the world). This is also throwing more gasoline on the earlier rumour of an April announcement.

The last of these meetings revealed new Kirby and Rhythm Heaven games for the Wii, so it’s not unlikely that Nintendo will make another huge announcement at their next one. A few days after the meeting, Nintendo always posts a translated version in both text and video form, which I’ll be sure to let you know about as soon as it becomes available.

The last of Nintendo Life’s tweets was a short conversation about what we’re actually in for with the new console. In short, we’re in for something absolutely awesome.

Nintendo Life on Twitter

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