Nintendo: More third party support to come

EA is supporting the Wii U but according to Nintendo there is more support to come.

If you were worried about the lack of third party support on the Wii U then worry no more, because as well as Nintendo securing the support of EA, they also have other developers who are interested in developing for the system.

In an interview with Toronto Thumbs, Matt Ryan from Nintendo Canada mentioned that there would be more announcements from developers soon.

“EA, Ubisoft and many others have dev kits and are showing immense support for what Wii U means for their development teams, franchises and the future of the industry. We will be announcing more great development teams working on Wii U down the road.”

What developers would you like to make games for the Wii U?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Dan

    Bethesda, Bioware, gearbox, DICE, Irrational, Rockstar, Valve, Visceral, Rare (not gonna happen), Sierra, Day 1, Monolith, Infinity Ward, Capcom, and many more.

  2. Wertville

    Sqaure Enix-
    I want FFXV to be Wii U-sculsive

    • Ruthie

      Square Enix are finally taking Nintendo seriously so I would hope the Wii U would at least get 15 even if it wasn’t an exclusive.

  3. Dan


  4. Play4Fun

    What the hell?

  5. Good news and bad news

    I really laugh at the devs who make excuses like “we will have to wait and see if the Wii U has enough of a hardcore market before we put our games on that machine”. At best this is short-sighted, because the gamers will follow the games and given that the Wii u is easy and relatively “economical” to dev for and port to, it really does not make sense. At worst, such statements betray cowardice, a fear of going up against Nintendo’s own product head to head.

    Third party developers should show some balls and try to make games that can compete with Nintendo’s, instead of making wet, weak transparent excuses.

    • Dan

      Totally agree… If you build it, they will come! At the very least, they could start with glorified ports to help establish the market. The only thing they should be hesitant about is making exclusives.

    • Dan

      Also, there is already WAY more 3rd party support for WiiU.

  6. Dan

    Also, they can’t use the Wii as an example of how “hardcore” games might do for at least three reasons:
    1. The Wii was really weak.
    2. The “hardcore” games for it were mostly weak and halfhearted ports, which is why they didn’t sell as well.
    3. The Wii-U is totally different! HD, better online, very excited fans…

  7. Oldergamer

    I have little faith in the 3rd party developers.