Nintendo to rename the Wii U?

CVG have caught wind of a rather interesting rumour – and one that I personally hope is true. “Serious discussions” are apparently being held between Nintendo’s higher-ups over the Wii U’s name, debating whether it will be strong enough to differentiate the console from its predecessor.

I don’t think anyone can blame Nintendo for wanting to keep the Wii brand alive – after all, it did sell well over 80 million hardware units. But according to IGN’s sources, “[the] bulk of Nintendo’s second guessing apparently comes from how the 3DS was received, with many potential buyers wondering if the system was simply an upgraded DS.”

And that’s a scenario I don’t want to see the Wii U suffer through – many of my classmates at school all think the 3DS is just a 3D DS, including one of my closest friends. No doubt they’re not the only ones thrown off by the “DS” in “3DS”, and I expect its hurting the sales of an otherwise fantastic next-gen handheld.

If Nintendo let you rename the Wii U, what would you call it?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. F0

    Personally, I’d be all over the name if they decided to call it the Nextendo. 😀

    • Sparkymoreno

      The “New SNES” Streaming Nintendo Entertainment System.

  2. Callum

    I’d probably call it simply the Nintendo U, or NU for short, although it’d probably get mocked by the competitive pokemon community (NU=Never Used tier, lol).

    • Hanko

      oh man, I hope so. Wii U is such a dumb name. I liked the idea of simply calling it the Nintendo

  3. bill

    I think that almost every name people come up with sounds worse than Wii U if you think about it, think of people using the name in discussion like “I want Mario Kart Stream for my birthday.” or even “Where can I buy a Super Wii?”.

    I hope if they change it they pick something less confusing so people will not think that it’s just another Wii. 🙂


    I want it called the SNES 2

  5. Jake


  6. Totoro

    The Nintendo Freedom… O.o

  7. Parr

    Nintendo RevenU. Being as the company is hemorraging money.

  8. jim583

    Nintendo stream O_o

  9. joaquin

    The nintendo Arrow to the knee aka ATK > attack

  10. Taun Taun

    Nintendo Nexus!

  11. Josh

    Revolution, it was perfect before and it’s still perfect now

    • Ninendo Is A G*d

      Revolution was a overpowered name to the Wii but, to the Wii U There on even terms. I vote Nintendo Revolution !!!

  12. N_S

    Remember the Stream? Now that was a cool name. That and just calling it Cafe, or the Nintendo Cafe.


  13. Jon

    I still think that the name “Nintendo Revolution” should have been used for the Wii, and I think that it would be perfect for the U. I’d very much enjoy a name that harkens back to the old days (where consoles were named GameCube and PlayStation) instead of the short jumble of letters that denotes today’s consoles: something like “Revolution”, “Ultimate”, “Super”, and so on.

  14. Deuce

    Nothing, because you’d have to be a real dumbass to confuse one console for the other, and it wouldn’t be the console’s fault at all. What, do we have to constantly paste the world “Super” in front of every next-gen console for people to finally realize it’s different from the previous gen? Cuz that’s what differentiated SNES from the NES! And nobody was confused over that! Rest assured, when E3 comes around, there ain’t gonna be a single person who is going to confuse the Wii U with the Wii, cuz it will establish an enduring identity that no one will misunderstand. Last year’s E3 was merely a preview, a “test the waters” thing. This year, it’s the main show.

    • Ninendo Is A G*d

      Well parents would confuse it to the wii, one there both white. 2. They can use the same controllers. 3. There kid just asked for one out the blue and they are like what is a Wii U. like the 3DS to DS. There both Dual Screen and one just happens to be 3D and. There still making games for the DS. SNES and NES was different they looked nothing alike other then Nintendo in there names. like Atari 2600 and Atari 1500. All company had there names in the system. So all you had to say was thats a Super and thats a Nintendo Nintendo. Thats a 1500 and the a 2600. thats a 64 and thats a Dream-cast. And so on……. THE END.
      (ಠ ›ಠ) “You Happy Now Bro.? I’m Done!!”

  15. Wii Ultra Entertainment System! The WUES.
    WUES we can.

  16. blabla

    Gosh I hope this rumor is true! I really really really hate the “Wii U” name. I would probably get used to it but that doesn’t change the fact that the name is the stupidest name for a console. Sounds like an ambulance WIIUWIIUWIIU.
    If Nintendo still wants to keep the Wii name then they should just call it Wii 2. People would know it’s a new system. But at the same time, the Wii U is nothing like the Wii. Maybe “Nintendo HD”?

    • blabla

      hmm or maybe just “Nintendo” (Ndo for short) [pronounced ENDO]

  17. Nero

    Call it the Nintendo You(or U or YUU)

  18. llepord

    Nintendo Evolution or Nintendo Evo for short.

  19. John

    N720-4 😉 or to get serious Nintendo “Storm”