Nintendo trademarks Mii U, Wii Sports U and much more

An epic amount of trademarks that Nintendo reserved in the run up to the Wii U reveal at E3 has recently been released. A lot of the trademarks probably won’t evolve into physical games and are just a protective measure but there is a possibility that future Wii U games are embedded in this list. The collection of trademarks includes Mii U, Wii Play U and Wii U Sports. Carry on reading for the full list.

  • Wii U + logo
  • Mii U
  • Wii Fit U
  • Wii Sports U
  • Wii Music U
  • Wii Party U
  • Wii Play U
  • WiiWare U
  • Wii Balance Board U
  • Balance Wii Board U
  • Wii Wheel U
  • Wii Zapper U
  • Wii U Fit
  • Wii U Music
  • Wii U Party
  • Wii U Sports
  • Wii U Play
  • Wii U Ware
  • Wii U Balance Board
  • Balance Wii U Board
  • Wii U Wheel
  • Wii U Zapper
  • Wii Speak U
  • Wii U Speak
  • Shield Pose


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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Mariomaster1

    The “Shield Pose” seems out of place, without U thrown in there anywhere….also, I would’ve liked to see a Wii Zapper U marked on there, because that sounds kind of funny, it’s like “Wii Zap You!” Ahem…..anyway these seem somewhat interesting, with the “Wii Wheel U” possibly foreshadowing a Mario Kart Wii U….though would it be obvious that such a game would be released eventually regardless? Ah well, only time will tell.

  2. Daimyo Nintendo

    Since it’s a Wii consoles I am hoping the accessories will remain the same. We know the zapper is altered to hold the tablet but I have a zapper, a balance board, classic controllers, etc and I do not want to buy them again. It would be nice if Wii speak was updated to be more in kind to the 360 and PS3 headsets.

    • Timmy Stevens

      The controller has a Microphone.

    • Daimyo Nintendo

      No doubt but I still want an ear piece like the PS3 headset so I can hear without ambient noise getting in the way.

  3. Andy

    Wii Ware U. *head explodes from laughter*

    • Archie96

      Love it!

  4. Tim

    lol Wii play u…
    i hope i don’t get played by Nintendo like i did with the 3DS with an early price drop… o_0