No More Heroes 3 will be for the Wii’s successor

According to a recent interview with Revogamers, No More Heroes 3 will be designed for the Wii’s successor. While no details are known about the new platform, it’s clear that it’s very important to Suda51. It’s our first confirmed game for the new system, but it must be noted that it is exceedingly unlikely for Grasshopper Manufacture to currently be developing the game; at this stage, only a select few Nintendo engineers probably have access to the console.

No More Heroes Wii screenshot

A beam katana is pretty much a lightsaber, just under a different name to avoid potential copyright woes.

No details are known about Suda’s plans for the game yet but in the interview, he mentioned that during the development of No More Heroes, he was against the ‘shaking’ gesture used to recharge the beam katana’s batteries, thinking that it would receive a cold response from fans. Since that wasn’t the case, though, expect it to return in No More Heroes 3…that is, if the Wii’s successor even uses motion control as we know it at all…

In case you missed them, the original two No More Heroes games were a set of bloody action games; arguably, they are some of the Wii’s edgiest titles, giving the player the ability to use a beam katana to hack and slash his enemies, all wrapped in a gorgeous, detailed cel-shaded graphical presentation. They were both rather well-received by critics and the original game even got an HD port to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 entitled No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise.

Source: RevoGamers via GoNintendo

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  1. Michael

    omg this is pretty sweet, its funny how the psp2 was also revealed by a developer working on a game for it. i have high hopes for the wii2, and hopefully it can live up to the expectations brought up to us by the original wii

    • F0

      Hey Michael! It’s great to see my first commenter here! 😀

      I’ve got great hopes for the Wii 2 as well; hence why I started a site about it. I hope you come back again in the future! It may look small now, but this will be the biggest Wii 2 site in the world once I move it to its own domain on September 29th.