Patcher would be surprised if Wii U was over $399

Everyone’s favorite analyst, Michael Pachter has said that it would surprise him if the Wii U launched with a price that was over $399. He also mentioned that the Wii U price “sweet spot” is $249.99.

It would surprise me a lot if the Wii U cost more than $399.99, and I think that the sweet spot is $249.99.  Pricing really depends upon where the other console bundles (PS3 with Move and 360 with Kinect) are priced at the time the Wii U launches, because people who don’t yet have a console are likely going to choose among the three offerings, and the biggest driver in the purchase decision is usually price.”

Price will definitely be an important factor in the Wii U’s launch, this was also noted by Square Enix’s Julian Merceron.

The price of the Wii U will be the subject of much rumour and speculation until Nintendo reveal what they mystery numbers are.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. James

    Yeah. It would surprise me, too. $400 is a bit on the high side.

  2. Mariomaster1

    I’m still pinning my price estimate at between $250-350……$400 is way out there in my book, Nintendo is usually fair enough when it comes to prices, so they probably won’t go over board.

  3. Wildman

    I say the price will be from $349- $399 and not…. FIVE-HUNDRED and NINTEY NINE U.S. DOLLARS…. (Sony)

  4. Adam

    Is this guy saying the most common sense stuff…? Of course the Wii U needs better pricing then other consoles, that sorta how you make money…

  5. Jenetty72

    399$ would surprise most people,since the new console likely won’t play Blu-Rays or even dvds like PS3/360 and it’ll probably use some sort of small internal flash memory for storage instead of a large hdd.
    300-350$ at most is the price that sounds about right, for launch at least.

  6. Nintendoftw

    please don’t listen to Pachter…