Pikmin 3 development moved to Wii 2?

Pikmin 3

Hyper-realistic graphics? Pikmin would be the perfect way to demo them.

Emily Rogers from Gameolosophy claims to have “highly reliable” insiders telling her that Pikmin 3’s development has gone the way of Zelda: Twilight Princess, having been moved to the Wii’s successor with the promise of “more realistic grass, dirt, mud, rocks, and water in the game.” It will supposedly be available in video form at E3 2011, and allegedly looks “drop-dead” gorgeous, according to those who have seen it.

Do take this with a grain of salt, however. Gameolosophy isn’t exactly the most reliable of sources, nor is it known for its quality. However, there’s no denying that Pikmin 3 will probably be a perfect fit for Nintendo’s next system.

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