Pre-order the Wii 2 today…for over $800!

The Swedish retailer has put up a listing for the Wii 2, allowing you to pre-order it for the princely price of 4995 Swedish kronor. In more common currencies, that comes out to a whopping $817.05 US dollars, $779.47 Canadian dollars, or €561.63 Euros.

Pre-order Wii 2

Webhallen makes it clear that “Wii 2” is only a tentative title, and lists a release window of 2012, in line with all the other rumours we’ve heard so far on that.

But here’s where it starts to fall apart. IGN said the Wii 2 was going to be expensive, but $800 is just too much, even if the thing brews better espressos than my dedicated coffee machine. Still, if you actually end up buying it, do let us know in the comments.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. The NGP was listed for 999.99 on GameStop when it was first announced…. I’m not even going to bother bringing out the salt for this one.

  2. WonderlandsOwnHatter

    Heheh, this is so wrong. Ninty wouldn’t have charged this much for a blumming planet.

  3. theSwede

    4995 kr does equal $800 according to current currency rates. However, the Swedish currency is currently much stronger than usual.

    And further, because of taxes and overhead charges in Europe, a console costing $500 in the states usually end up costing a whopping 5000 swedish kronor (which as stated above currently corresponds to $800.) It is quite common that we pay that much more for consoles, and other high tech in Sweden as it seems that one USD is often converted to being equal to 1 Euro, and 1 Euro is converted to 10 swedish kronor, which is far from the actual currency rates.

  4. Okami

    Well, Webhallen like to do this lately… Both the 3DS and the NGP was available for pre-order right after they were announced…
    Also, the price tag is probably because they don’t want people who pre-order now to get it cheaper than their retail price when the system is released (I got my 3DS cheaper than their retail price, because I pre-ordered it before they raised the price.)

  5. Okami

    also, with webhallen, you don’t need to pay anything until when you get it, and thus, you pay what it cost then. So if you pre-order now, you will not have to pay 4995 SEK if it cost less by the time it is released.