Project Café to abandon friend codes? [Updated]

No Friend Codes!

In 1UP’s latest Oddcast, Sam Kennedy has been quoted as saying that Project Café will no longer use friend codes for its online system.

The origin of the information is unknown, as is its validity, but it’s certainly still a tempting proposition that Nintendo might finally do away with the friend code system entirely. However, we also have no idea what they would use in the codes’ place. Usernames? That seems like the most logical way to go, but who knows what Nintendo might be up to.

I think this one may turn out to be false – for one, friend codes aren’t really that big a deal anymore when there’s a single one for the entire system, as is the case with the 3DS. Second, I think that using friend codes on the 3DS and some other system on the Wii 2 will create unnecessary inconsistency in players’ minds, as they’ll have to follow two entirely different procedures to register their friends on each system.

Mark this one as “unlikely,” but keep it on your radar.

Update: I listened to the podcast, and I can verify that Sam said this.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. I think it’s very unlikely… though it would be a great thing. 😛

  2. I agree with Kurtiss. It’s very unlikely, especially with the 3DS still having friendcodes. Although, I expect the whole process of adding friends to be streamlined. The 3DS was a step in the right direction though!

    • F0

      You know what would really be great? If we could have a single friend code for both the 3DS and the Wii 2. Though, knowing that the 3DS is meant to be used by an individual and the Wii 2 by a family, that probably might not be the case.

  3. George Tirebiter

    I still like my idea of redesignating friend codes to the parental controls section of the system as an optional precaution. After all, that’s the reason friend codes exist in the first place.

    We would all have a username or some other form of ID, but when activated a kid would need to give another online player their friend code as well. When playing with people who don’t have a friend code, their ID would need to be added to some “Trusted Players” list by the parents before they could play together. Of course, in typical Parental Controls fashion, the activation/deactivation of this feature/trusted friends/etc. would require an additional password.

    Of course if someone doesn’t use or deal with friend codes, they’d be completely unrestricted online.

    • F0

      That sounds like it would be getting unnecessarily complicated. I think adding friend codes on the 3DS is easy enough. I haven’t heard any major complaints about the way they work there, but the one way they could make it better is by notifying you whenever someone adds your FC.

    • Wolvesgod

      or by sending parents, a special e-mail/text message. or even a message onto their game accounts.

  4. SonofMrPeanut

    I personally don’t have a problem with the one friend code system on the 3DS, but that’s the only way I could see friend codes still existing while allowing people who just won’t have any more of it to not deal with them.

    Otherwise, the only other viable option would be complete elimination of the concept, the rumor you’re reporting on. If that happens, great. We won’t hear anyone complaining anymore. I do believe people should at least have the option to not use them, and that’s just my concept of it.

  5. WonderlandsOwnHatter

    I wish the things would be shorter. Me and my friends spent about roughly 1/2 an hour adding eachover on AC:WW. I think if they were shorter, and if Ninty keeps the one code system. There shouldn’t be any problems anymore. It’s what 9 digits? I think it’s a bit on the long side there.

    • F0

      12 digits, actually. Making them too short could limit the number of units they could potentially sell. If they were six digits long, Nintendo would only ever be able to manufacture 999,999 Wii 2’s.

  6. Wolvesgod

    I can’t see Nintendo dropping friendcodes completely, remember the big problem on Animal Crossing, there were reports of child assaulting. Like Nintendo said, Friendcodes are designed to protect their younger players/fans.

    it’s really hard to say what Nintendo can do with their home console, because they still have the image of being family friendly. where family members, kids or adult can actually sit around and play games. or now, watch movies.

    I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people, even here, who will be surprised, if they hear their little kids ask them what something means.