Project Café to launch with new IP?

Mii LogoAccording to an unknown retail source, the Wii’s successor is due to launch with a new IP. The IP is supposed to be “visually beautiful” and will be revealed at E3. And that’s all we’ve got.

It won’t be the first time Nintendo came out with a brand new IP to market a console with – Miis, for instance, became almost synonymous with the Wii, and greatly helped to expand its appeal. I honestly have no idea what said new IP could be, but it’s worth noting that Miyamoto announced he was working on one some time ago. Maybe this is it?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Perhaps this is Miyamoto’s new character/franchise that he mentioned a while back? Although considering Nintendo’s attitude towards graphics, it seems a tad weird that they’d boast of the IP (the whole series?) looking ‘visually beautiful’, especially with their whole idea about graphics not being too important.

    In fact, I worry Nintendo is trying too hard to impress the self proclaimed hardcore and industry here.

  2. For some reason when people say “new IP” they don’t realize it’s a completely new genre; Steel Diver, for example, surprised a lot of people. It’s like people want a new IP, but they want it to be exactly like Mario, or Metroid. I for one don’t care much seeing as Nintendo has enough IP’s as it is.

  3. George Tirebiter

    Could this be that gorgeous game Emily Rogers spoke of?

    I just assumed it was Pikmin 3 (which would also look beautiful), but now I’m pumped for this. Miyamoto had said he’d been working on a new IP in recent years, and this may be it.