Reggie believes the Wii U has a chance to “disrupt the market” like the Wii did

Reggie Fils-Aime

Reggie spoke on how Nintendo plans to approach the development of Wii U projects now that his company has a powerful HD platform to work with. In a nutshell, he wants to really drive the controller’s touchscreen and connectivity features home as the console’s defining features, and thinks the Wii U has a chance of achieving a Wii-like impact on the industry if they play their cards right.

The Wii U has to deliver a differentiated experience that can only be brought to bear through the use of these two screens. If all we do is a beautiful game in HD, it’s been done before. We have to take advantage of the second screen, we need to take advantage of the connectivity that the system will offer and, if we do that, we believe that we will yet again disrupt the market the same way we with DS and Wii.

Confident words. If Reggie speaks the truth, we’re in for some fabulous high-definition treats next year.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. titat

    the main issue is the masses most people are well stupid, wii success was its simple to understand pick up and play design. and the wow factor…wiiu will come across as less simple even thow its infact just as simple as wii ,its a wii meets DS not hard to understand ,but it wont have wiis all new and shiney wow factor

    again like wii its the hardcores that dont get it so hopfully like the wii everyone else will…

    • omg

      That’s nothing to do with “harcores dont get it”, it’s a matter of taste. Wii had wonderful games to suit almost all kinds of tastes, but I didn’t like the motion controller at all from the start.

      Being a hardcore gamer doesn’t mean you don’t get what Nintendo has to offer, it means that maybe you don’t want that, and it means Nintendo couldn’t offer as much as you needed..and all I needed was Metroid and full 3rd party games.

      Don’t get me wrong, I do love Nintendo, but I was simply waiting for Nintendo to do what they’re doing now with the Wii U, bringing the 3rd party games back to their system. And I know a lot of people were doing the same for all this years, they were all waiting for the new SNES era.

      I do believe that Wii U has a big chance to “disrupt the market” because this time they’re offering a chance for gamers to play anything.

    • FL767

      The problem is that everyone sees it as a Wii with a DS duck-taped on. It has the potential to be so much more, but Nintendo needs to show that potential. The biggest things are the wide array of controllers that can be used (all the Wii stuff, the tablet controller, and anything that plugs into THAT) and that you can actually move the tablet controller. People need to think of it as a wiimote with a touchscreen instead of a classic controller with a touchscreen. It needs to spend an equal amount of time in your hand and doing stuff like being on the ground for the likes of the Wii U Sports golf and that sort of thing that’s impossible with a 3DS.

  2. titat

    your have serious issues with being a gamer or a hardcore im refering to those who infact are not core at all yet SCREAM BLUE MURDER THEY ARE THE ““CORE OF GAMING””

    these idiot clearly did not get wii and again proven by every single so called core gaming forum…how can a guy who says his a core gamer say a second analog stick beats a wii remote to even suggest such a thing proves there sony/ms fanboy NOT CORE a core gamer mouse controls a FPS and detests CASUAL QUICK SCOPING NONSENSE you cleerly miss the point of my post

    hardcore means stupid industry slave as the term hardcore has CLEARLY been hijacked by FANBOYS!

    im core if i fps with twin sticks your casual if you wii a fps pleaee dont defend them

    • omg

      Oh my Gosh titat, if you’re replying to my post now, then you need a medic.
      First you say:
      “the main issue is the masses most people are well stupid”
      “hardcore means stupid industry slave as the term hardcore has CLEARLY been hijacked by FANBOYS!”

      What the Hell is your problem??? You just like to call ppl stupid? Every hardcore gamer is guilty because they like games that doesn’t come from nintendo or something?

      I’m a fucking nintendo fanboy if you wanna know dude, but just because a lot of ppl all over this planet don’t like the Wii, the Wii remote or even Nintendo games, it doesn’t mean they’re damn “slaves of the hardcore industry” they just like other stuff. I know you’re not referring to me, but anyway, I understand about the other public too..there’s a bunch of trolls in there that just like to hate, but the trolls are >>everywhere<< not only between the "hardcore" gamers..

      In my opinion you're a hardcore gamer even playing pokemon if you want, if you play it a lot, then you're a hardcore gamer…I'm just talking about "hardcore" because I know what kind of gamers YOU ARE referring to..and you think they don't get it..and the main problem is that they don't need to, they just don't want to.

      I play FPS games on PC too, not on video games and I agree with you that the analogs are horrible for FPS. The analog controllers can't offer enough agilty in general for FPS games and I hate auto-aim, but there are these guys that do prefer a controller (it doesn't matter if they're right or wrong) what can you do about that? You can bash them for liking controllers over a wii remote just the way they bash Nintendo gamers for liking Mario or Zelda over their so called "hardcore games", this is an endless and useless's just a matter of taste and you should know that..

  3. Jake

    They just need to make the classic controller pro wireless

  4. Hylianhero64

    I don’t think that Nintendo has differentiated the Wii U from the Wii enough. They gotta make a new style. Many people at E3 were confused and thought that the controller was the entire system, or that it was just another accessory for the Wii. Casual gamers probably won’t see much of a difference even if they realize it’s a new console; they might think it would be like going from a DS lite to a DSi – not substantially better (some may argue worse due to lack of GBA slot). The same thing happened with the 3DS – Nintendo didn’t drive home the fact that it is a completely new system, not merely a bit of an upgrade. I also think they should change the Wii U’s name to make it seem different (and also less stupid. Yeah, I’m still not over that.).

    • THE I

      You’re not the only one assuming that the casual market is somewhat retarded when it comes to noticing new hardware that happens to be “too similair” to its predecessor, and all of you guys seriously need to drop it. CASUAL GAMERS ARE NOT STUPID! The 3DS (an often mentioned example) was not sucessful because of zero valuable games and a ridiculously high price. The casual gamers was smart enough to notice this, which caught Nintendo by surprise… And the only people who bought the system were either looking for a fancier way to play their DS games or just wanted to support Nintendo in the wait for actual decent games.

    • Deuce

      The fact that it is a new console is inherently evident in the design. Those who do not simply rely on communicated words can tell the difference between the Wii u and the Wii.

  5. Sparkymoreno

    Hey Reggie,
    Lets disrupt the market in a thorough way this time. Not in a half-assed way like the wii’s shovel ware. Seriously, 2 years to come out with wii motion +? And 5 years to come out with Zelda SWS? In between that we gotta wii sports, wii play, wii music, wii fit, wii fit +, wii play motion…. hmmmm how about coming out with a game called wii-want-some-real-fucking-games!… not these 15 mins arcade games. All that time spent on making these mini games compilations, you could have implemented that in a game that nintendo loyalists and “the casual” would have loved, like…i dont know……. punch out with FULL motion +controls ( im thinking 2 wii motion plus controllers and gameplay like wiisports boxing = current punchout X 10), or hmm…Star Fox with tilt controls and pointer rectile (think of sin and punishment with Ninty’s touch) I could go on….Nintendo is suppose to lead its systems by example thus the 3rd not giving a sh** the untapped gameplay potential the will STILL has. Well enough griping..
    Wii U – the possibilities are astounding. Lets just make sure the “The Market” realizes this too as well see’s it. BTW – If they make the Wii U with a wireless classic controller pro, they might as well stick a atari joystick on it. Let I said, don’t half-ass it. If you are going take steps backwards, do it all the way.
    *PRO game industry evolution*

  6. titat.

    im a true gamer i own a wii

    didnt people claiming to be core call super mario world wii a stupid casual game…2D mario is the definition of core gaming isnt it CONFUSED …

  7. Nub Cakes :D!

    Wii U wont be as successful as wii for sure. Lets see here, wii was, back then, $250 and everyone was enjoying the expanding economy. Now the Wii U $300+ and everyone is almost broke. Anyone else see a problem?
    (For those who don’t know wat i mean..)
    Wii U should of came out when everything was fine. Now every major country is on the verg of backruptcy and they want to sell a more expensive console? Think about it.

    • THE I

      You got any better idea? I don’t think you do.

    • Nub Cakes :D!

      The I
      The best way to reduce the price and increase sales is to remove the touch screen interface(touch screens cost around $60-$80) so that would reduce its price significantly(From consumers perspective).

    • THE I

      While that is true I don’t think that’s a good idea at all since it would lose it’s main selling factor. Without it, it would be nothing else than a graphically upgraded PS360, which definitely noone will buy in this economy as they already own one of these or even kinect (which Wii U lack).

    • FL767

      And let’s make a 3DS with only one screen, no 3D, no gyro, no infrared, and no home menu software.

      That ought to make it cheap, everyone’ll want it! Except for everyone…

  8. Sparkymoreno

    How ironic. The touchscreen IS going to be it’s selling point. What is the Wii U without the touchscreen. A ps3? A 360? No thanks, after 6 years almost everyone has 1 or the 2. Why would anyone buy it unless they wanted only nintendo games? Plus the Video gaming industry has been growing and expanding (mainly thanks to Wii) every since the time the Wii came out, even in the recession. It grossed $48billion in 2008 and its expected to gross $70 billion by 2012….
    It’s simple. Make the console a hot item where every 1st grader, to middle aged adult, to grandma wants one. And Sell millions of copies of multiple games titles, under several genres. I believe something called the Ps2 did this.

    Selling software is the real breadwinner.

  9. Jake

    The Wii U: alot of control schemes they need to improve. Save money by not including blu-ray or dvd (ehh ok). Mutiple Tablet controller at once (they said it was possible). Classic Controller Pro Wireless (do it to please the hardcore). No Hardrive instead sd cards and usbs (that’s fine). Online Communities (Sorta like Mario Kart 7). The online better be fast. The tablet controller is pretty much your own Nintendo Ipad also… only it has buttons and such. They even said the tablet could be used as a Kinect in some aspects. (Possibly) It can play all wii games also all wii devices. Well there you go though if the 720 and the PS4 do something unexpected besides heighten graphics a little and improve further…..

    Included games such as Chase Mii
    All your virtual console and wiiware games
    GameCube games can be downloaded
    Oh and Wii U and 3DS have DLC.
    Zelda Wii U
    Super Mario Bros Wii U
    Super Mario Wii U
    Pokemon Battle Wii U
    Pokemon Adventure Wii U
    Metroid Wii U
    Pikmin Wii U
    Dragon Quest X Wii U
    Final Fantasy Wii U
    Shin Megami Wii U
    Ghost Recon Online Wii U
    Darksiders 2, Batman, GTA, ports etc

    Well anyways think of it like this the Wii U is every nintendo console mixed together and now has 3rd party support.

    That’s what we’d like to see happen if not much I guess.

    • Jake

      But I know this is a Wii U forum. But what do you think the PS4 and 720 will do to separate themselves from the PS3 and 360?

    • I believe they will offer nothing much to differentiate their successor consoles from their current consoles, except a but more horsepower and maybe a stab at some kind of cloud service for gaming (which may possibly be on the Wii U, as well).

      But even then, we most likely won’t see anything that significantly outshines the Wii U, given how being the cutting-edge console is getting more and more expensive, both in terms of newer console production and rising game development costs.

  10. GuySmiley

    Well they already have my money.

  11. Revolution5268