Reggie confident in Wii U’s power, but HD alone is “not enough”

Reggie presents the Wii U

Interviewed at CES, Reggie spoke a little on the philosophy behind the Wii U. He’s confident that the console has the graphical prowess to hold its own against its future competitors, but really wants to focus on creating new experiences with the touchscreen controller.

The big innovation with the Wii U is the controller and the ability to have an interactive experience that leverages all of your traditional input buttons as well as a screen built right into the controller. Yes, the system is HD capable; it’ll generate the most gorgeous pictures. But for us that’s not enough.

We need to continue pushing the overall experience forward. We need to bring new types of entertainment. New types of gaming and the combination of a big first screen — your home TV — coupled with a second screen in your hands, in our view, is going to bring gaming to a whole new experience and to continue driving the industry.

Finally, Reggie boldly claimed that “[the] system is capable to do the most complicated, the most HD-intensive types of games.” What he’s trying to say, I think, is that the Wii U has sufficient horsepower to let developers focus on nurturing new ideas instead of fighting a bloody battle for every last frame.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. RockD79

    Well the quad-core IBM processor sounds like a step in the right direction if you ask me. Can’t wait to see the games in action.

  2. That’s all I needed to hear.
    Innovation > Horsepower

  3. JD2995

    Glad to hear that Nintendo always care about the innovation

  4. Lene

    “…to let developers focus on nurturing new ideas instead of fighting a bloody battle for every last frame.”

    I love the conclusion ^.^

  5. Nitwit_Speed

    If Innovation > Power, but the Wii U is the most powerful console to date, imagine the level of Innovation!

    • crackkat

      dont need to imagine the innovation, uve seen it, the tablet.

  6. Temptress

    Just what I needed to hear. Amen!

  7. Classic1980

    I can’t wait to get a release date and price!

  8. dylantalon

    Innovation doesn’t come before power. I’m all for innovation but if a game isn’t clear enough where I can decipher the picture or objects then ill pass. The wii u has to be powerful enough . The wii is a good system to some but it never had games with experiences like heavy rain , uncharted series, the witcher 2, skyrim and a few others. The emotional experiences a person will garner playing an emotional game will not be as pronounced if the game looks like super Mario 3

    • Cryxok

      Wasn’t the Uncharted series a PS exclusive developed by Sony? No matter how powerful the Wii were, it would’ve never get them… just sayin’; oh and btw, Zelda would like to have a word with you…

    • SparktehFox

      Talk to the people who spent tons of their time on games like ADVENTURE and PITFALL, or even PONG. Innovation wins, always.

  9. Josephus

    Yes, HD is not enough. It is a necessity.
    I really hope they don’t mess WiiU’s horsepower up. Of course, the tablet controller is innovative, but without a strong hardware it is worthless.

    A bad game with good graphics is boring, a good game with bad graphics is dolorous.

  10. Captainhowdy

    I hope the Wii U’s final specs are incredible.

  11. dylantalon

    The wii u should be very powerful because developers won’t cater to the core gamers on the device if they have to downgrade quality from ps4 or the xbox 720 multiplatforn games