Reggie: Wii U’s online capabilities to be revealed in the next few days

The legend that is Reggie assures us that the Wii U's online is up to scratch.

One of the features not talked about at E3 (which also happens to be the feature I’m dying to know about) is the Wii U’s online capabilities. The Wii wasn’t exactly world renowned for its online features so it will be interesting to find out how they have improved on this. CEO of Nintendo, Iwata, himself noted that the Wii’s online features were not up to scratch which is why they sought outside help when developing the Wii U’s online network.

Though Reggie refused to say  anything much about the Wii U’s online when asked about the Wii U’s online in comparison to PSN and Xbox live he said that the Wii U will have “all that capability built in”.  What this suggests, only the mind can wonder but I guess we can expect the Wii U’s online systems to rival PSN and Xbox Live.

While talking about third party involvement in the Wii U’s online capabilities he had this to say: “the best of what each of our third party partners has to offer, marrying that with the best of what Nintendo does, and bringing that versus a more rigid, a more closed type of environment.” While also going on to say that Wii U’s online service will have a flexible approach.

This sounds like exciting stuff, and as long as Reggie keeps his word we should be hearing about the Wii U’s online systems in a couple of days.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Andodel

    I would have been fine with an improved FC system, but from what Nintendo is saying, I’m sure it will be their own Network. I’m just hoping that online play is free, but knowing Nintendo, I’m sure that’s priority number 1.

  2. zxride64

    I hope it is a big improvement over the wii’s. I believe they could still use friend codes but use it with parental controls. When you activate the parental controls the parent could make the console use the traditional FC system or the 3ds FC system, or to turn it off competely.

  3. AMAC

    Hopefully we’ll get a Nintendo system with great online capabilities. I don’t know whether I’d pay for online play.

  4. wiiu? hell yeah i wiill

    stop thinking in box’s its not online its conectivity think 3DS and utablet its about breaking down those tech barriers its not on-line off-line its WI-FI all about seemless conection look at 3DS and utablet this will go far beyond xbox live

    something people are also missing the utablet is one per console the wii remotes/ nunchucks/etc are still very much the controllers and wii motion plus is still included in wiiu plans

    its 1 utablet and 4 wiimotes at 1 time or classic pads

    not 4 utablets GET IT

  5. Limelight788

    With the likelihood that they’re dashing local multi-player as an side thought, they better give us an online up to scratch to at least PSN level. I want them to recognize that we want good multi-player in some way or form and I’m not just going to believe what Reggie has to say.

  6. Andodel

    How are they putting local MP aside? I think it was a bright idea to allow Wii controllers to be used, instead of having to pay 100’s of dollars for those tablet controllers that are probably unnecessary for local play. I think it was a smart move, but all the PS360 fanboy’s are spreading rumors about how horrible it is.
    At the same time, I’m sure you will be able to use more than one. The only thing I can see holding the idea back is the console itself. Look at how sophisticated the controller is, and then realize that the console a has to stream all of that information to it. Apparently, it’s almost instant, but with 3 other controllers, I can easily see it causing lag which nobody wants. In the end, there is no real need to have up to 4 of these due to price and strain on the console itself.

  7. SteveDOF

    There is also, of course, the possibility that a 3DS might supply the processing power needed to work alongside the new controller as a supplementary screen/controller for local multiplayer.

    Expensive, but, no doubt, Nintendo’s preferred option

  8. dylon

    i need to know this if there not selling the touch screen remote in stores but only comes whith the system what happens if it broke or somethin?