Retro Studios working on a Wii 2 project “everyone wants”

Finally, we’ve got a fresh rumour that is neither about the elusive Project Café controller nor Nintendo’s mission to recapture the hardcore. Word has it that Retro Studios, Nintendo’s famous Texas studio, is working on a game for the Wii 2.

Retro Studios Logo

According to the Paul Gale Network, the house of Metroid is taking on “a project that everyone wants [them] to do.” Not only that, but they claim to be one of the very first developers to be entrusted with a Wii 2 development kit – not surprising, really, considering how close Nintendo and Retro have become, and their incredible track record for quality gaming experiences – and have been working on their secret project ever since.

Paul says the information comes from a personal conversation he had with two employees from the studio. Now, anybody could go ahead and just say something like that, but RawmeatCowboy of GoNintendo has given the rumour his personal endorsement, which probably means something.

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  1. Wolvesgod

    I think that first, and second party developers got special priority like with the 3DS