Rovio: Angry Birds and the Wii U are a “natural match”

The creator of the Angry Birds phenomenom has said they are looking into bringing new Angry Bird experiences to consoles. Though they haven’t specifically looked into the Wii U, vice president of franchise development, Ville Heijari has said that Angry Birds and the Wii U are quite a good match.

“We really haven’t looked into the Wii U specifically yet – we haven’t announced anything for Nintendo consoles yet. But if you look at the control methods, if you look at the Wii U, I mean that’s a really, really natural match, so obviously we’re very interested in developing there as well,” added Heijari.

As of June Angry Birds has been downloaded 250 million times.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Andy

    Oh no! Keep that overrated piece of crap off of my WiiU!

    • The One Who Wrote This

      Exactly my thought as well!! I rolled my eyes at this!

  2. Jmaster720

    I GUESS but i can play this game free on google chrome so who needs it 😛

  3. The One Who Wrote This

    LOL!! I saw an ad for a clone of this game called Chick ‘N Crash!!

  4. FL767

    The guy who heads the dev team if it even takes more than two people to make these (just the developer, then) is very adamant about the fact that casual games- not even casual games for casual gamers, but casual games for non-gamers are just as good as hardcore games. That being said, he’s a douche and you should never pay for anything he has to offer unless you enjoy Angry Birds moreso than The Legend of Zelda.