Rumour: Leaked ‘Super Smash Bros. Universe’ fact sheet

An image has been making its rounds on the Internet, which is purported to be a leaked fact sheet for the next Super Smash Bros. game – or Super Smash Bros. Universe, as it is titled in the document.

It’s highly likely to be fake, as evidenced by the lack of Kirby in Sakurai’s signature, but the document’s validity isn’t entirely out of the question – it wouldn’t be unreasonable for the Project Sora team to be planning their next big project, as Kid Icarus: Uprising is no doubt in the final stages of development at this point.

That said, the resolution is too low for any of the text to be legible, even if I could read Japanese, but it hasn’t stopped the following “translation” from popping up on 4chan.

The first line says:

>When universes collide (?) Sheet.

Random points of interest from the bulleted text:

> (?) to get some ideas off my chest. Hoping that they will be taken into consideration. The writer suggests that some of his ideas made there way into Brawl. One of which was the sticker stat increasing system found in the SSE.
>Neku from TWEWY was mentioned in one of the later paragraphs, but it was a reference to gameplay elements from TWEWY rather than talking about Neku himeself. The writer thought thatsomething like the badges in TWEWY could be used for a character, although he didn’t specify who.
> remove tripping. It (?) received well.
> 3 party support worked out. (?) more in the next installment.
> Mario franchise has experienced tremendous growth since last installment and should reflect that.
>Metroid: Other M expanded on Samus and Ridley. Something about how Samus doesn’t need to be slow anymore. Other M and Zero Mission show her as a fast warrior and she needs to be represented as such in next installment.
> (?) characters from Sega
> Konami and Square Enix are mentioned in the lower bulleted parts, but I can’t make out any context.
>He feels that the Mother and F-zero franchises are finished and he has no ideas for them.

In my opinion, this was a blank idea sheet sent to Sakurai’s staff. They then filled it out and sent it back to him. One of them must have took some snapshots of it before handing his/her sheet in.

It all seems rather fishy, and even if it was real, this document doesn’t tell us anything besides the game’s name.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Mariomaster1

    Hmmm, I don’t think I’ll be taking any of what that says into consideration….still can’t wait for any interesting news about this game though!

  2. It all seems logically sound, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was real. But I don’t think rumors this early on are going to make the wait any longer. Still got at least 3 more years before the game gets released.

    • F0

      Yeah… I think it’s too easy for people to forget that the next Smash is a game they’re going to be waiting for for a very long time. Especially seeing as this time, they’re making it multiplatform, so they’re effectively making two games.

    • Jmaster720

      no you are wrong …First off there is no kirby sig second there trying to get rid of ness and Captain falcon who have been in since the first smash bros.??? Veterans really?
      you aren’t a smash bros. fan are you?

  3. Wertville

    Funny how the name both agrees with and contradicts my hypothesis in the naming thread… 😛

    Super Smash Bros. Barfight FTW!

    • Mariomaster1

      Super Smash Bros. Barfight…..I love it! You just won the game!

  4. R-Kade

    Thats a stupid name i think this is fake

    • Unknown

      Who are you to criticize names?

  5. Andy

    This translation suggests that Falcon and Ness, two characters who have been in the series since the first game, could be removed. I call bull crap!

    • F0

      To be fair, it was never said that the original 12 would be in every Smash Bros. forever, though I still am very doubtful that Sakurai would remove any of them, for tradition’s sake.

      I’m personally leaning towards fake, too.

    • Captain Falcon

      I swear… if Captain Falcon is removed (or any other veteran) in the new Smash Bros..

    • Andy

      A Smash Bros. without Falcon Punches is like a cake without frosting. It just wouldn’t be the same.

    • Wertville

      To me it sounds more like he doesn’t think he can expand F-Zero or Earthbound any further. Which makes sense, considering how much has been done with them recently *rolleyes*

  6. lostdwarf

    I know for a FACT this is not true.
    I was talking about this yesterday on another site with ** ********* ********* **** ***(mods may contact me)

  7. Jmaster720

    Fake and stupid
    seriously no Captain falcon no ness?

  8. locomotive500

    Seriously. You guys must be overreacting. Maybe the title is just an idea for the game. But i think taking out falcon and ness is a big mistake. Why instead of going for what they think and let the fans decide.(not to mention getting all that fan letter for deciding who should be in the game or for any kind). But all i’m saying is just wait till we get some true information. thats all i say. Even if you disagree with me i’m just saying what i have to say anyway.

  9. Hey Yall. it’s me again. Im just here to reply on what Jmaster720 has to say. To my though I think they’re still working on getting new characters. So it may take along time so what?……….Still they should put in some Capcom characters. Maybe Meagman? Or at least paper mario. (secretly I’d wish he would be in it but i’ll wait till anything comes).P.S. don’t be a critic.

  10. Stan Timson From Ukon

    people really? i feel like you’re misinterpreting it
    They’re probably just saying that they arent gonna add any NEW characters from F-Zero and Mother because theres nothing else to really expand on!
    Lucas, Ness, and Captain Falcon are really the only notable characters from both those series combined and while this does dash my hopes for a Giygas boss fight, that doesnt mean this is fake, and if it is, so what? i like the ideas so far!

  11. nicky

    I heard that they where going to put daisy in as her own carecter and not one of peach’s drees choues.

  12. nicky

    I heard they where also going to add Daisy!

  13. Lesa

    I herd that too!