Rumour: Nintendo are working on supporting two tablet controllers

Wii U Controller

A “trusted game development executive” has supposedly leaked some details to Develop regarding the possibility for a second Wii U controller. The complete lack of two-controller support at E3 caused a fan outrage, and Nintendo are now supposedly aware that “they absolutely need to support two tablets”.

Whether the console supports one or two controllers simultaneously is allegedly one of the only aspects of the Wii U that aren’t finalized yet (the others being RAM and CPU clock speed). The source noted, however, that there is virtually no chance of four controllers ever being supported.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Mariomaster1

    So wait, they’re going to make those fancy controllers available at retail too now 😀 As in, no more need to buy another console to get another Wii U controller, I hope that’s what they do :/ As for the no four controller support….meh, better than nothing 🙂

  2. Sparkymoreno

    IMO, this is all that is needed. Think about it. When was the last time you had 4 people over to play a multiplayer game besides SSBB or Mario Kart? Its not like the good N64 days anymore. With Online gaming, players find themselves playing with one controller on one screen most of the time player with friends. Nowadays I find myself only playing with 2 controllers when its a fighting game or a sport game with a guest. And LAN support is definitely a big thing. The only other thing I would hope for is that additional Wii U controllers can tagged on with LAN support. And the regular Wii controllers can be connected like the E3 demo with the space ship and ground gunners.

    • F0

      Well said, Sparkymoreno.

      Few modern games are actually designed for four-way local multiplayer these days, so a limitation of 2 controllers shouldn’t be an issue. However, it will open up a crazy amount of possibilities when 2 players can each have a private screen together in conjunction with the TV that they both see.

  3. zxride64

    2 is all I need for this console.

  4. GuySmiley

    I believe 2 is the magic number. 4 tablets would be 1),intimidating price-wise, and 2),perhaps a bit of overkill. Although I am a huge fan of LOCAL multiplayer, it’s true that most of the action is now online (shame… oh well).

  5. dylon

    it will be so much better whith 2

  6. julius

    this with 2 controller its getting better

  7. I wish nintendo and apple would play nice together … i want to play mario on the iPad!

  8. Captainhowdy

    Sounds awesome.

  9. Hylianhero64

    Aw, and here I was hoping the Wii U would be the first console that would support 8 players locally (4 Wii U controllers and 4 Wiimotes)… I guess the one to support 6 players locally is still pretty impressive, though 🙂

    I think playing CoD with 6 players on the same console would be pretty damn fun… Though it’ll take some work to get people to not simply play online…