Rumour: Nintendo working on three new franchises for the Wii U?

Playing = Believing

A rumour sprung up that Nintendo have at least three brand-new franchises in development for the Wii U, by a number of different studios. As great as Nintendo’s tried-and-true properties like Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Kirby are, they do receive quite a bit of flack for constantly “rehashing” their games from year to year.

Whether you believe that or not, it’s always nice to see a company trying new things, and the Wii U seems to be all about just that. If this rumour is true, expect to hear more about these mysterious franchises at E3.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Transparent_LFE

    “they do receive quite a bit of flack for constantly “rehashing” their games from year to year.”

    haha but it’s what sells, Madden, CoD, and NBA 2k games
    do they same thing. The way they get over this is by counting their stacks of money that piles up.

  2. Will

    It better be something different, something more realistic like a shoother or something, at least a rated m game.

    • God No! Metroid is shooter enough for Nintendo. I never want a realistic shooter from Nintendo

  3. Great news! =)

  4. SSL

    No surprise really, They’ve had a new franchise launch with their past 2 consoles.

    In fact, they seem to always be creating something new, despite what the haters ignore.

  5. N_S

    Well, we know about the Miyamoto IP, but the fact that it’s not the exception to the rule is comforting. The more i hear from Nintendo, the less i doubt.