Scribblenauts creator is impressed by the new options the controller gives

Concept creator and director of Scribblenaughts, Jermiah Slaczka, has shared some ideas of a game using the Wii U’s new controller to ONM and his excitement over the number of gaming options that it gives.

“What’s really excited me as a developer with the new controller is the plethora of new options you have,” said Slaczka. “You have the touchscreen and the controller all in one.”

“One thing that’s really cool about this new tablet controller is that you have the ability to have asymmetrical gameplay. So one player can be doing one thing while another player can be doing something else on the TV. One player can be a doctor and he’s sitting there operating on the controller while there’s a EMT (emergency medical technician) in an ambulance having to pick up patients to the doctor.”

Though this is hardly confirmation that 5th Cell are busily working away on a game for the Wii U it does demonstrate that the new controller is certainly firing up ideas in developers.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. chinomanila

    I think it would be a great idea if they utilized the controllers drawing aspect like they showed in e3 with the drawing of link. Almost like you create your own video game with a your own character,world, foes and items.

  2. Jmaster720

    I think this should be on the 3DS

  3. Epic Kirby

    Hope they do something with their ideas