Sony: “We’re not afraid of a little coffee stain.”

Coffee StainAn unknown Sony employee (well, not entirely unknown; we know her first name is Sandy) has just gone on record trash talking about Nintendo’s next console with the following line:

We’re not afraid of a little coffee stain.

Oooh, Nintendo’s not gonna like that, Sandy. Does the line imply that Sony has secretly been working on a PlayStation 4 that they, too, will debut at E3? Or is she just desperately trying to maintain an image of Sony as the “tough guy” in the marketplace, through the unexplained PlayStation Network outage and all?

As Paul Gale, who broke this story, said: “I can guarantee that this year’s E3 will go down as ‘unforgettable.'”

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Maybe someone spilt coffee over the PSN servers and she’s telling whoever the crap did it they’re not afraid of coffee stains anymore with their new, waterproof server casings.

    • SonofMrPeanut

      Perfect answer!

      I think they’re just keeping up the “better-than-thou” image they like to have. I do believe they are the only one of the 3 companies that resorts to name-calling (“What is this? 3rd grade?,” “…important features like arms..and necks”).

    • F0

      It is when comments like yours come up that I wish WordPress had a “like” button, AbuJaffer. 😛

  2. Yeah, those definitely were fighting words…one that would make a group of guys in classroom go, “oooooooooooooh”. We’ll see at E3 who’s mug is greatest!

  3. epic

    Oh-Ho! Why I oughta warm up some decaf and shove it down their bleeping faces. I hate Sony. I like their games, but I hate their mouths.

  4. Wolvesgod

    forget coffee stains, them be blood stain word.

  5. miiworld

    Okay so if they’re not afraid of a little coffee stain, how come they cannot clean up that coffee FLOOD they made off their PSN server?

  6. A Playstation 4 is far away from being released, Sony’s console is aways based on
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  7. Jesse

    I wish Sony and Nintendo were nicer to each other. It’s like listening to my parent fighting :'(