Street Fighter x Tekken to get a Wii U version?

It’s a possibility that the Wii U will get Street Fighter x Tekken, as Yoshinori Ono mentioned that he would like to get it on other platforms than the ones already being considered.

When asked about whether the Wii U could get a version of the game he said, “Well, we’ve already gotten started with PlayStation Vita version, of course, but we’re anxious to take on all sorts of other platforms if the opportunity arises.”

He also went on to talk about what he would like to do with the Street Fighter Franchise that hasn’t been done yet.

Taking these characters — like Ryu, Chun-Li, Abel, and Juri — and having a game where users could customize them to a high degree. I’m not talking about their costumes or something like that, but actually customizing what moves they use — the timing of them, their strengths, their weaknesses — so that my Ryu could be completely different from your Ryu. In addition to our skill sets being different, our characters themselves would be different.

Would you like to see this game make it to the Wii U? I sure would.

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  1. zxride64

    It would be awesome if they did this, i remember he even said he wanted to put it on 3ds, if capcom did it they could do some form of connectivity between the two versions like what nintendo are trying to do with super smash bros. If they add a guest character like they did for sony by adding cole into the game they may add captain Falcon ( maybe, they don’t have to).