Super Smash Bros Cafe to be at E3?

Will Super Smash Bros for the Wii 2 be displayed at E3?

Yes, if we are to believe the website Gaming Crusade who apparently have sources within the industry. According to their sources Nintendo will be showing off a new Super Smash Bros game for the Wii 2 at E3 this year. They did not share any other details about the game.

As with most rumours I suggest you take it with a pinch of salt (or maybe a skip load full). However, a Super Smash Bros for the Wii 2 is pretty much a given, we just don’t know when.

Josh has also brought to my attention an image that is meant to be from the game, for you to muse over. E3 will reveal the truth, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Super Smash Bros Strife… got a nice ring to it.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Joshua Dale

    my feeling on the image are that whilst it looks quite nice, the fact the copyright date is just 2011 and not 2010-2011 suggests to me that its either fake, or not gonna be ready by e3. it could however only have had that title since 2011 and in that case i would live in hope of it being a launch title. would give us a chance to see hd models of all the big N characters at launch which can only be a good thing 😀

    • miiworld2

      Okay, I think you meant 2011-2012.
      …right now I’m trying to contain myself until I actually hear the news from Nintendo. (deep breaths). The image is WAY too convincing.

    • Joshua Dale

      again i diod mean 2010-2011 not for the full game but whichever build this is. the demo build would have to have begun being built in 2010 and 2011, and we currently arent in 2012 yet. so copyright 2010- 2011

  2. nintendofan

    Okay, I think you meant 2011-2012.
    …right now I’m trying to contain myself until I actually hear the news from Nintendo. (deep breaths). The image is WAY too convincing.

    • Joshua Dale

      no i did mean 2010-2011. presumably they would have started development more than 6 months ago, as i doubt evven they could get it into a playable form that quick XD

  3. knux03

    Satoru Iwata & miyamoto: we have a new smash coming

    Masahiro Sakurai: “angry face” these guys are making another smash good luck with that….there not convincing me this time

  4. knux03

    o and by the way theres already a mod of smash well kinda like a hacked vertion called strife GOOGLE IT THIS IS FAKEEEEE!!!

    • Joshua Dale

      link? ive seen hacks that include strife (cloud strife) but never a hack by that name.

    • miiworld

      Agree. It’s CLOUD Strife in BRAWL, not the rumored game.
      Besides if you don’t see or hear any news about it at e3, then you can consider it fake.

    • Joshua Dale

      your right, a google search of smash bros strife brings up a few links to this story, but far more links to the brawl hack containing cloud strife, i think thjats where he is confused

    • Ruthie

      Yeah, I know what it is your taking about. It might be too much of a coincidence for it to be called Strife. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Thanks for that, you reminded me 🙂

  5. PC14

    Theres a fanfic/fangame/mod with every possible next Smash Bros name, I dont think thats even relevant…

    • royalPain

      You believe fanfics? I’m sad for you…

  6. AMAC

    I hope that this game can be a Wii 2 Launch title. With HD graphics it could be the big launch title that the 3DS kind of lacked.

    By the way, how many articles on this blog have contained the phrase, “pinch of salt” now? 😉

    • Joshua Dale

      well at a time like this there are alot of stories floating about, all of which have varying degrees of reliability, and its better to be safe than sorry. until either e3, or until proof is found of them being fake, its silly to take them too seriously, but equally silly to avoid letting people know the rumours that are circling. im sure there will be alot less of that phrase around after e3

    • Joshua Dale

      appologies for the terrible sentance structure there, rather tired atm haha

  7. Joshua Dale

    also thought i would highlight that recently igns nintendo team have taken an interest in getting back into playing smash bros. i could be taking a big leap here but its possible they are doing so for the same reason some of the nintendo team have been getting back into mario kart ds, to prepare for a new installment being detailed at e3 😛

    • Joshua Dale

      they have literally just posted another story about how they are getting back into smash before e3 XD

  8. Sirralart RCP120

    OMG! This would be SOOOO AWESHUM SAWCE!!! **((^_^))**

  9. nefisto

    Many people hope that this rumor is true.

  10. George Tirebiter

    That “Strife” image has nothing to do with the Gaming Crusade article. They only said a new Smash Bros. might be in the works.

    Some jerk just decided to make that Strife logo and attach it to the story, so aim all your flames toward them. Gaming Crusade did nothing other than point out a new Smash Bros. as a possibility, making it only a little more than an assumption. Seriously, it’s not that big of a deal. The one who made the image is a jerk, and we’ll see if the next game is in production yet @ E3.

    • Joshua Dale

      he didnt say it was a possibility, he claimed it was fairly likey based on his sources.

      also yes if someone did make photoshop this image then they are a little harsh, but theres currently no proof either way on the image. my suspission is that if it were in a playable form by e3 it would have had to begin development in 2010, meaning it should have a 2010-2011 copyright not just 2011, the sort of mistake a photoshopper would likely make.

    • George Tirebiter

      I guess I could’ve made that clearer. Alright, it’s a likely possibility.

      Also, there may be no proof but the date error and the fact that said Mod version exists are still reason to believe it’s fake.

    • Joshua Dale

      the mod version is just brawl with cloud strife in it, its not called strife. and also it isnt necessarily an incorrect date, i would expect the copyright to start when development started, but its just as possible it could be from when they decided the title, or system, or some other date in 2011 that is plausible XD

  11. Wertville

    Wow, I hope that image is real! I love the color scheme!

  12. Uhh…. Ahem….
    Fake. But calm down people. We will get our smash bros eventually, I bet 100,000,000 fake dollars….

    • Joshua Dale

      they have no solid proof it fake, they just assume so (i agree its likely fake but so far thats unproven)

    • Ruthie

      The image is probably fake but the game might not be. A SSB game for the Wii 2 is pretty much a given.

  13. Joshua Dale possible news

    nintendo has the domain registered and currently redirecting to there main page.

    below is the whois data

    Whois data
    Domain Name……….
    Creation Date…….. 2002-07-16
    Registration Date…. 2009-06-22
    Expiry Date………. 2011-07-17
    Organisation Name…. Nintendo of America Inc.
    Organisation Address. 4820 150th Ave NE
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. Redmond
    Organisation Address. 98052
    Organisation Address. WA
    Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

    might be the name of the new system? (similar to the rumoured by ign name of stream)

    • AMAC

      I hope not. It’s a terrible name for a console. Besides, Nintendo of America own over 2000 domains, so I don’t see why this would be the name of the console.

    • Joshua Dale

      just the similarity to the rumoured stream name, but you do have a good point XD

  14. DaimyoNintendo

    I would love to hear of super smash at E3, and with a new HD console I am sure along with Mario, Zelda, Metroid it might be one of the first games we see, unless Nintendo finally uses this opportunity to start up some new IP’s, But at this point, as much of gamer as I am, I am an engineer and industrial designer at heart and right now all I care about is the console design, dimensions, components, functionality, and the controller, not the games so much.

  15. I hope this Smash Bros will let there be 3D battles instead of 2.5D.

  16. RockD79

    I’m 50/50 with this one. The copyright should be 2011 only if it’s the E3 demo which what I’m hearing is the case. The pic is too small on my phone. There should be no other date on it. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  17. Joshua Dale

    ign just posted yet another smash bros story again leading me to believe there might be some weight to the smash at e3 rumours.

    also wanted to know if anyone could clarify a point for me? apparently the origional smash bros has the word melee on the back of the manual, melee has brawl, and brawl has collide. if this is true then smash bros collide for final title? anyone who could check i would appreciate

  18. PC14

    Here is another supposed leak according to a guy that posted on 4chan.

    • TNelson711


      unless the picture you linked was photoshopped, this rumor just got a lot more legit.

  19. Anonymous

    It’s actually VERY easy to fake things like this.
    1. Photoshop for about 5-30 minutes
    2. Take a picture at an angle with a camera, with all lights off
    3. ???

  20. Vanilla

    IGN has posted a third article on the Smash Bros series. In addition, Play Magazine has tweeted that a huge fighting franchise is supposed to get a new title announced at E3. I’m getting more and more hopeful that this is true.

    • royalpain

      Play only said a huge fighting franchise. How would you know it’s Smash when it could be other fighting franchises they’re mentioning. Could be a new Street Fighter or a new Tekken, or more info on Soul Calibur V and whatnot…

  21. Sirralart RCP120

    Here’s an idea I’ve had in my mind for a while.

    More than likely, Nintendo will EVENTUALLY have Street Fighter characters in Super Smash Bros. so I believe Nintendo will have to step things up a notch from Brawl to make this game BETTER overall.
    I suggest throwing in 3 Final Smashes instead of one.

    The Street Fighter characters are know for having MANY signature Super Moves, so lets assume that the Nintendo characters will also have more Super Moves this time around. Working off this idea will open up MANY new Final Smash ideas for ALL the fighters!!!

    We will assume that the 3 Final Smash system will work like the 3 Super Move system works in Street Fighter III: Third Strike. At the character select menu, players will have the choice of selecting one of three Final Smashes. Depending on which Final Smash is selected will result in certain conditions for breaking the Smash Ball.

    Lets take the Street Fighter character Ryu for example:

    Final Smash 1: Shinkuu Hadouken – This will be Ryu’s most basic and WEAKEST Final Smash. It travels long distance and it’s easy to deal damage to opponents at a distance, BUT lets say it only does a maximum of 50-55% damage if it FULLY connects. HERE’S THE TWIST!!! For picking his “weaker” Final Smash, this allows Ryu to break the Smash Ball more easily than normal if he were to pick say a “stronger” Final Smash.

    Final Smash 2: Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku – This is Ryu’s Super Move that you see often in Capcom cross over games. This Final Smash isn’t as easy to hit with, but the damage is MUCH greater than his first Final Smash; probably 70-85% if it FULLY connects. This move works great on opponents that have surrounded you instead of having to space yourself away from your opponents like his Shinkuu Hadouken. This move of course hits multiple opponents and also sucks in opponents if they are within a certain distance. I can see enemies being swarmed with lightning as Ryu spins (Ryu’s element is lightning for those of you that didn’t know. Ken’s element is Fire). This move sends opponents flying which ever way…rag doll physics. This move sounds quite powerful, no? HERE’S THE NEXT TWIST!!! Choosing THIS Final Smash will make it a little harder for Ryu to break the Smash Ball!!! Do you see where I’m going with this? (^_^)

    Final Smash 3: Shin Shouryuuken – This move is OBVIOUSLY Ryu’s STRONGEST FINAL SMASH!!! The damage is insane!!!! Probably 105-150%…pretty much guaranteeing a K.O. if you land it. Landing it though is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT!!! Your opponent must be at CLOSE RANGE!!! IN YOUR FACE!!! They’d have to be pretty stupid to get caught by this, but if you’re a skilled SSB Ryu player…you can find ways of connecting with this DEADLY FINAL SMASH!!! Also, this move is made to hit only one opponent (Like Link’s Tri Force Slash) BUT if two or three opponents happen to be right in front of you…then they will also take damage from the move. Breaking the Smash Ball takes a while with this Final Smash selected.

    There you have it. That’s my idea. Each character will have 3 Final Smashes set in this type of way: A long distance move(A projectile of some sorts or a dash type move that only connects it you touch an opponent), a move for hitting opponents that have surrounded you, and a nearly instant K.O. move that’s VERY HARD to land and EASY to waste. How about more TRANSFORMATION type final smashes like Sonic turning into Super Sonic? Can you imagine Link turning into Fierce Deity Link?

    The Final Smashes don’t necessarily have to be in that order, but ALL characters will have 3 Final Smashes, and each one will have a sort of handicap for breaking the Smash Ball depending on which Final Smash you’ve selected.

    What do you think???

  22. Sirralart RCP120

    You know, this is interesting. Most of everyone wants Final Fantasy characters in Smash Bros., but MOST of the characters never appeared on a Nintendo platform.

    What if we thought of it like this? The Final Fantasy series is an entire series in one isn’t it? The only thing is that it has numbered sequels with different characters and storylines.

    I think this is were it gets confusing. The Final Fantasy SERIES started on Nintendo, but half of it’s characters weren’t on a Nintendo platform.

    Does this TRULY exclude the other half of Final Fantasy characters from making an appearance in Smash Bros. just because they were on a platform other than Nintendo or does the ENTIRE series -that started on the original Nintendo- give hope that ALL Final Fantasy characters have a chance to make an appearance?

    Again, the Final Fantasy SERIES started on Nintendo. Would this FACT help open the door for more Final Fantasy characters?

  23. Daniel

    I’m sure that if Nintendo won’t have ssb4 at e3 they would probably start to notice many fans would want another Smash bros and would work on it, it would make them allot of money too

  24. Daniel

    And I don’t know if Nintendo would want to mix street fighter with Ssb although it would be awesome it could potentially kill off streetfighter and merge it to super smash bros