T3 readers want the PS4 and Xbox 720 more than Wii U

While researching some Wii U news I found this interesting but puzzling article on the gadget website T3. They polled their users by asking them ‘Which console they wanted the most?’ The choices being either the PS4, the Xbox 720 and the Wii U. Playstation 4 received 50% of the vote, Xbox 720 received 41% with the Wii U scoring just 9%.

The 900 people who have been polled so far are hardly representative of the entire gaming population but it was still interesting to see that the people who had voted were more interested in consoles that hadn’t even been announced yet.

Two conclusions that T3 came to about the lack of votes for the Wii U were that the PS4 and 720 were more appealing because we know nothing about them. For example, I could formulate in my mind the perfect console I want the PS4 to be and therefore the Wii U which I already know about will seem inferior.

The other conclusion they came to was that hardcore gamers were left disenchanted by the Wii and therefore have little interest and confidence in the Wii U.

Why do you think the Wii U received low votes?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. zxride64

    I believe both conclusions are accurate.

  2. Oldergamer

    Because like many of the professionals who didn’t get the Wii-U at E3, they can only comprehend the familiar and known lacking, as did the majority of E3 attendees, any degree of functional imagination.

    It’s why Nintendo has consistently changed the gaming landscape over the years, and why the other console manufacturers can only copy and imiate, even when feeling the need to denigrate and trash talk NIntendo in the process.

  3. Oldergamer

    … imitate.

  4. pokemonfaan

    That´s a good point: THEY DON´T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT PS4 OR XBOX720! I totally agree with that, they can imagine the perfect PS or the perfect Xbox, but they don´t know how it´s gonna be… I think that poll was very anticipated! Just wait until those are announced, and then, we can do all the polls we want, let´s see who wins… -_-´

    • F0

      Well, we do know two things about the PS4: its graphics aren’t gonna be a huge leap over the PS3 (potentially meaning it’ll be on par with the Wii U) and it’ll be oriented towards the casual market, and women in particular. (Source)

      I have a feeling Sony fanboys will be very disappointed with it. But totally agreed that it’s too soon to start conducting polls like this. 😛

      @Ruthie: Great find! I think this poll should be taken with a dump truck’s worth of salt, because we really don’t know anything not only about the PS4 and Xbox 720, but also the Wii U. I bet that a good number of the voters were Microsoft or Sony fanboys who were just looking to start yet another round of “Nintendo is doomed!” propaganda.

  5. Nintendo+Apple

    If the people who answered the poll watched E3 this year, they probably think that everything about the Wii U has been announced. They are also probably Microsoft and Sony fans and thought that the upcoming systems yet to be announced from those two companies could easily beat Nintendo’s Wii U despite the fact that they know nothing about the PS4 and Xbox 720. They also know think that Nintendo only makes family and kids games. So they think that Everything about the Wii U has been announced and think that it’s just another family system with kiddie games. Once all three systems are in the market, then let’s see which system gets sold more.

  6. WiiU

    I think it was Nintendo sux people that voted. Also, I think the reason they didn’t announce was so thr could copy the WiiU and get more sales.

    • Nintendo+Apple

      Yes! Thanks for noticing that. Sony copied Nintendo’s Wii by making the PlayStation Move. Sony is stupid and should have not gotten so popular. The people over at Microsoft are full of themselves. They make the worst systems and the worst computers. Not to mention their terrible Windows software. Nintendo+Apple! Microsoft is stupid and so is Sony. Nintendo and Apple should be the only companies making stuff.

  7. boywinkle

    1, how can you want something that dont exist

    2, sony lost 3.2 billion this year can someone inform these morons.

    3, wiiu flexes innovation and power and new controller and continued support of the most successful controller ever the wii remote and ps4/x720s motion from gen before FLOPPED.

    talk about sad fanboys

    • Rob_Shadows

      1. It’s called anticipation, how movies movies technically don’t exist yet that people are always hyping up? Anticipation will usually greatly increase how much people want something, the fact that they don’t publicly exist yet (btw, I guarantee you they do exist but in very early builds) and no information is known about them only causes people to want them more. This happens with nearly every kind of product there is.

      2. You might want to lay off the “morons” statement when posting something showing your own ignorance, Sony is one of the biggest Japanese corporations in existence and the overall performance of the company is in no way indicative in how the PS3 has performed. Sony as a whole saw a massive red margin the past yer, the PS3 however, ran massive profits in 2010.

      3. Again, you may want to avoid commenting on things your obviously quite ignorant in knowledge of. Move and Kinect have both been very successful for Sony and Microsoft respectively, especially Kinect which has been one of the fastest selling pieces of gaming hardware in history.

    • GameCollector44

      Yes, Kinect has been very successful, but at the same time, not very successful. I mean, how many games actually support it, or have supported it since it last came out last Christmas…20? o_O

  8. SC7369

    TBH i hate PS system series, i mean i has gotten better with the PS3 i must admit but the Dreamcast was way better than the PS2, better graphics, better controllers/VMU and the first console to have proper online capabilities. I miss the days of nintendo vs sega to companies that were involved directly and solely in gaming with innovation and games as what they concentrated on.

    I don’t see why they are the most popular in gaming when that is not where they mostly concentrate on.

  9. pants

    Don’t forget, Sony already announced that they won’t go the PS3 way with PS4 (as in making another end-all-be-all system due to all the money they lost). PS4 might be more like a PS3+. Maybe more powerful than Wii U, but not substantially. Since Nintendo will sell the Wii U with a realistic price tag, then I’d imagine Sony will want to do something very similar; like the way they priced the Vita against the 3DS. So I think Microsoft will be the one that will dish out the powerhouse console this time around (though this so-called “power” won’t make that big of a splash after BF3 graphics are pretty much going around in current gen systems).

  10. Jmaster720

    Not surprised just look at the name Wii U ROFL
    still I think there minds will change when they find out sony is going casual and microsoft is becoming kinected LOL

  11. SC7369

    Yeh the name is silly but i’m tired of the same old names for consoles like PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4, Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox 720. What happened to things like Master System NES, Mega Drive, Dreamcast N64 and so on, new names for each console not just the old name with a bit stuck on the end i know it’s proberbly for the idiots out there that if sony came out with a different name would be like WFT is this wheres PS4 has sony dropped out?

    I miss the days of orriginal names and not just remade names with a different number on the end!!

  12. Good news and bad news

    I think many people are assuming that the “next-gen” will be a huge leap forward, when that is quite unlikely. I have no doubt that new consoles could outstrip the Wii U very soon after it is launched, but the difference would not be so great. Probably no more than the difference in power between the PS3 and Xbox now. Since the Xbox seems to be doing okay, I’m not particularly worried even if Sony and MS rush out new machines within the next two years. Let’s face it, most of those, supposedly discerning, “core gamers” can’t even tell that the majority of games they have been playing run at 720p, not 1080p, on both consoles.

  13. I think the voters need to think better rather than making an emotional-based judgment from such long-distant speculation. It’s not even an honest expectation, really. They shouldn’t based their judgment on what they fantasize about the PS4 and Xbox 720–they should look at the reality of what will most likely be the scenario.

    Sony said themselves that they’re not looking for PS4 for several years, and Microsoft won’t make a new Xbox something original to compete with Wii U EXPECT to copy Wii U. We won’t see a PS4 anytime soon, and when we do, Sony’s ALREADY said it most likely WON’T have significantly better graphics than PS3. Microsoft might announce a new console within 2 or 3 years, and when they do, it won’t be anything significantly greater than the Wii U. Also, developers won’t develop for more power than they need, due to rising game costs. About HALF to the PS3’s power has been used by the biggest PS3 games so far–and those already cost $30 million+ to develop.

    Graphics-wise, the theoretical PS4 and Xbox 720 will not significantly outshine the Wii U. We’re approaching a graphics barrier in gaming, particularly console gaming. We won’t see a significant jump in graphics for at least 10 years. They’ll be improvements, but the hardware necessary for significantly improved graphics in PC gaming alone is about 10 years away, let alone how long it’ll take for those kind of hyperrealistic graphics to reach consoles. The PS4 and 720 will NOT leave WIi U in the dust. And neither Microsoft or Sony wants to do the whole “invest heavy initial profit loss” thing with their next consoles. Realistically, they’ll both only offer something a bit more powerful than Wii U.

    Controller-wise, one of them–if not BOTH of them–are bounded to imitate the Wii U controller as their own controllers. The Wii U controller is probably the smartest controller I’ve seen in about 15 years. I think developers are going to realize its potential as a major game changer in this industry. Sony and Microsoft will either stick it out with their controllers again, or just imitate the Wii U controller in some way. But with Wii U having several years head start to either of these companies in the 8th-gen of consoles, they might be too late to imitate it.

    Games-wise, the Wii U is growing support from 3rd-party developers for Nintendo once again, and I think that interest will rise when the 1st waves of developers show some good usages of the Wii U. You have the awesome 1st-party games of Nintendo like Super Smash Bros. and Zelda, along with robust 3rd-party support. You have the lighthearted games, and you have the core games. We’ll have it all on Wii U, games-wise. This will be the first system to truly be enjoyed by every kind of gamer. And with a Sony and Microsoft today both trying to delve into that “wider market” agenda in gaming, they’re facing a double threat with Wii U.

    If big names (and big money makers) like Peter Moore of EA Sports, Gabe Newell from Valve, and Cliff Bleszinski from Epic Games are saying positive things about how interesting this platform will be, the other developers will come. Support started slowly and folks were reserved about Wii U, but as time is rolling on, developers are seeing more about the Wii U, some have experienced Wii U firsthand, and positive support is beginning to really pick up.

    The Wii U will definitely gain the STRONGEST support from developers over Sony and Microsoft in the 8th-gen of consoles. Nintendo is being smart in how they’re aiming for the developers with Wii U. Game dev for Wii U is very easy, the console is very powerful, the online service will be pushing new possibilities (like watching your friend’s game online on your screen), game dev costs for Wii U are SIGNIFICANTLY less than other next-gen systems, and Nintendo is adamant on working with and listening to developers to regain strong third-party support. They’re not only gaining support–they’re gaining FAVOR.

    So I think those voters should take look into Wii U a little more. Sure, keep fantasizing (it’s fun), but tame the imagination with a little more honest consideration first instead of employing immediate prejudice. Wii U has a great shot at not only leading the eighth-generation of console, but being a real game changer in gaming, period. By this time two years from now, I think many of those voters will own a Wii U.

    • GameCollector44

      You my friend, need a medal. I swear that this would shut up almost any Xbox/Playstation fanboy. O_o

    • Zchnullmund

      Wow, I sure do hope your speculations are right!!