Tadashi Sugiyama working on a Wii U game?

Nintendo’s Tadashi Sugiyama, who has worked on titles such as F-Zero X, Luigi’s Mansion, Wii Fit and Mario Kart: Double Dash may be working on a new game for Wii U that will be revealed at E3 2012.

GoNintendo have reported that this information has come from “a trusted source.” The source didn’t specify what the game would be.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Venom Jamaica

    Hmm I wonder what this game could be. I hope it’s something that utilize the wii u pad with all their features in a full game and not a wii sports kind of title.

    Get N or get OUT!!!!

  2. sparkymoreno

    I am calling it.
    A new Luigi’s Mansion game with a camera.
    Take pics with a special camera that can spot and trail ghosts.

    Play with a friend. Hunt down ghost while one tracks with the camera/tracker/tablet while the other sucks’em ghostbusters style with the vacuum/wiimote +.

  3. Scottie

    i hope its fzero.

  4. Captainhowdy