domains Archive redirects to

Nintendo have registered a new domain,, which redirects to their main website at One of the rumours surrounding the 3DS’s (and possibly Wii U’s) new online service is that a website will be available from which one will be able to manage their Nintendo Network account. Nintendo might be planning to use this […]

Nintendo buys up a ton of Wii U domain names

It looks like Nintendo’s getting ready for the Wii U’s release by grabbing a ton of domains related to it. Many of them suggest the possibility of games like Wii Fit U, Wii Sports U, or New Super Mario Bros. Mii (which there was ample reason to believe would turn into a full game, anyway). […]

Could ‘Beem’ be Project Café’s real name?

There’s been a lot of debate over what Project Café would actually end up being called. The two most common names we’ve heard so far are ‘Nintendo Stream’ and ‘Nintendo Feel’. But an interesting news tip from Dooks1111 (who contributed a piece to the mockup gallery and will get a community showcase feature soon) brings […]