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Rumour: Nintendo looking at bringing eBooks & iOS content to the Wii U

Today, a rumour surfaced from Forget The Box claiming that Nintendo are looking into bringing an eReader-style service to the Wii U that would offer a variety of content to its users. The source, an unnamed Los Angeles-based software developer, was apparently approached by Nintendo and “offered assistance in porting and publishing some software from iOS […]

Will the Wii U have an app store?

Rumour has it that the Wii U will feature a “full-blown app store”. Unlike the Wii Shop Channel and the 3DS’s eShop, which focus on games and the most basic of utilities, this Wii U store will feature a “wider variety of apps”. A Major League Baseball app was specifically mentioned as a possibility. Wii […]

iOS developer declares Wii U a “Fisher Price iPad”

Michael Schade, the CEO of German developer Fishlabs, described the Wii U as a “Fisher Price iPad,” following a comment that the dedicated console market is dying – this shortly after an analyst predicted the exact opposite, no less. Nintendo… if you read about what Iwata said about iPhone, how he didn’t take it seriously, […]