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Wii U to launch in second half of 2012

The rather unremarkable news of Nintendo’s attending CES to show the E3 2011 Wii U demos all over again has been floating around the ‘net for a few days. However, a statement the company released when asked by Joystiq for clarification on what exactly they’d be showing revealed that the console is due for launch […]

26 Ninja Gaiden 3 screenshots + online multiplayer details

Joystiq had the chance to try a demo of Ninja Gaiden 3‘s online multiplayer, and their impressions were largely positive. Three modes of online play will be available – team-based, free-for-all, and a secret mode that Tecmo Koei isn’t ready to tell us about just yet. Your ninja can level up and unlock better weapons […]

Valve is interested in the Wii U

Valve are known for their awesome multiplatform hits like the Half-Life and Portal series. They’re all about great games, so the news that they’re looking into the Wii U is probably going to be welcomed by just about everyone who reads this blog. Speaking to Joystiq, Gabe Newell (the head of Valve) had the following […]