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Wii U won’t be plagued by 3DS launch woes

The 3DS’s launch was highly anticipated, but soon fell flat as there was quite literally only a single standout game (and even that was a port of a console title). But in a shareholder meeting today, Iwata dropped a reassuring tidbit that gives us hope for a much stronger Wii U launch. He said that […]

Tecmo Koei wants to have games ready for the Wii 2’s launch

Yoichi Erikawa, Tecmo Koei’s CEO, mentioned at an earnings briefing today that he wants to support the Wii 2’s launch with a few games from his company. He noted that Tecmo Koei has a solid reputation for being able to have games ready for new hardware platform launches, most recently having brought us Samurai Warriors: […]

IGN “predicts” the Project Cafe launch lineup

Nintendo has taken on a fair amount of criticism after the 3DS’s launch, in that the selection of games for the system was mediocre at best. I’m sure a lot of you will agree that we don’t want the Wii’s successor to suffer from the same launch blues next year that the 3DS did. With this in […]