Wii U won’t be plagued by 3DS launch woes

Space Shuttle LaunchThe 3DS’s launch was highly anticipated, but soon fell flat as there was quite literally only a single standout game (and even that was a port of a console title). But in a shareholder meeting today, Iwata dropped a reassuring tidbit that gives us hope for a much stronger Wii U launch. He said that “Nintendo had low software output for the 3DS launch,” but hopes “to not have this problem with the Wii U.”

This goes hand-in-hand with a previous statement from Reggie, in which he admitted that likely their biggest mistake with the 3DS’s launch was that there was no big first-party Nintendo blockbuster to kick things off.

What do you think would make for a great first-party launch title? Pikmin 3 seems like a good candidate to me, seeing as it’s been in development for a number of years and will beautifully showcase the Wii U’s graphical abilities, but I’d love to hear your own thoughts in the comments.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. ok computer

    as i said in the EA article a glut of 3rd party stuff

  2. Adam

    I’m hoping for some Wii U Sports! I love that game and seeing it in HD and seeing the demo of it, I’m hopping that it will be the first-party launch game! 😀 Anyone agree?

  3. Mariomaster1

    Hmmm, first-party Nintendo Blockusters eh? I can only think of the obvious, Mario, Zelda, Pikmin or Pokemon…..oh, and maybe the Smash Bros. title if it’ll be up and running by the time of the Wii U’s launch.

    • F0

      I wouldn’t hope for Smash Bros. if I was you. Development on the game (or games, rather) hasn’t even begun yet, and I really doubt that they can pull it all together in time for the Wii U’s release next year.

    • Mariomaster1

      Well, that doesn’t seem that bad, as long as some of the other big-hit titles make it to launch day. Also, now that I think about it….I should’ve put Metroid up there!

  4. bamb

    a very simple but effective game using the tablet CATCH seriously wiiu sports play catch the ball online with friends sounds dumb but it would be a hell of a lot of fun

  5. WiiUFTW

    New Super Mario Bros. Mii, come on its the same engine just slightly better graphics, mii support and controller support