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Wii U console and gamepad information

We now have a detailed look for the Wii U gamepad. Features include built in rumble, an infrared port, and detailed microphone and camera. This allows for various things such as video calls. You can also “click” the two analog sticks in for additional buttons. Also, it was announced that Wii U will have Netflix, Hulu, […]

Wii U will have Netflix

This news is hardly surprising seeing as the Wii had Netflix and the Nintendo 3DS will have Netflix soon but it’s still good to hear. While being quizzed on the Wii U Iwata let slip that the console would have the service. This was his response to a question on what kind of gender ration […]

Iwata confirms that the Wii U doesn’t play DVD’s or Blu-ray discs

Iwata found the time to meet up with his investors even through the E3 craze, and Nintendo have posted a transcript of the meeting online. In it, Iwata confirmed that the Wii U will feature neither DVD nor Blu-ray playback because you probably already have something that plays them. Wii U does not have DVD […]