Wii U will have Netflix

This news is hardly surprising seeing as the Wii had Netflix and the Nintendo 3DS will have Netflix soon but it’s still good to hear.

While being quizzed on the Wii U Iwata let slip that the console would have the service. This was his response to a question on what kind of gender ration the Wii U will have.

“A number of the videogame genres will be for male audiences, and the male audiences will increase, but on the other hand, this device is capable of many other things. On this device you can see video streams of Netflix, or you can use in conjunction with the TV. Regardless of the gender, you may want to use it … Our hope is it will be equal number of males and females who will be interested in this device.”

It will be interesting to see whether we will be able watch entire videos just on the controller itself.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Jmaster720

    WEll…. I guess this makes up for the Wii U Not supporting Blu-Ray or DVD But…
    I Don’t Use Neflix 😛

    • Skawtz0rz

      You should. I will when it’s on both this and the 3DS.

  2. Mariomaster1