Shin’en Multimedia Archive

Nano Assault Neo confirmed to be available at launch

Nano Assault Neo, the twin stick shooter from Shin’en Multimedia for the Wii U, is confirmed to be available on the launch day of the Wii U via their Facebook page.

Shin’en Multimedia has a Wii U dev kit

Shin’en Multimedia have updated their website to show off that they’re now in possession of a Wii U dev kit. They haven’t announced any Wii U projects yet, but they wouldn’t go to the trouble of becoming a licensed Wii U developer if they didn’t mean to make any games for it! Welcome to Shin’en’s web-site. […]

Jett Rocket developer is interested in the Wii U

Shin’en Multimedia – better known as the developer behind the ambitious WiiWare hit Jett Rocket – are confident that Nintendo are putting out an incredible platform in the Wii U. While nothing is in the pipeline just yet, their CEO Manfred Linzner expressed his interest in the console, promising that they would take a closer look […]