Shin’en Multimedia has a Wii U dev kit

Shin'en Multimedia Logo

Shin’en Multimedia have updated their website to show off that they’re now in possession of a Wii U dev kit. They haven’t announced any Wii U projects yet, but they wouldn’t go to the trouble of becoming a licensed Wii U developer if they didn’t mean to make any games for it!

Welcome to Shin’en’s web-site. If you’re interested in our services and productions, you’ve come to the right place.
Shin’en was founded in 1999. We develop high quality games for WiiUNintendo 3DS,WiiNintendo DSGame Boy Advance and Game Boy Color using proprietary tools.

In case you aren’t familiar with them, Shin’en is a German studio that is probably best known for the stunning WiiWare hit Jett Rocket and the gorgeous 3DS shooter Nano Assault. They previously expressed interest in developing for the Wii U last December, dubbing it an “ingenious platform”.

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