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Emily Rogers’ last Wii 2 rumours (well, sort of)

For the last month or so the Wii 2 blog has been reporting on Emily Rogers’ rumours that she has received from her sources. Some of them have been believable and some of them haven’t. She has now made a list of Wii 2 rumours which she guarantees to be true or, apparently, she will never […]

Could SoulCalibur come back to Nintendo via the Wii 2?

A SoulCalibur game hasn’t been on a Nintendo console since SoulCalibur II released on the Nintendo GameCube, PS2 and Xbox in 2003 (Legends doesn’t count). The GameCube version of the fighting game has the highest Game Ranking of all the versions. This was at a time when a multi platform release of a game didn’t mean Nintendo […]